Monday, January 5, 2015

New Look Inspire Sale Haul

Happy New Year guys! And with the new year comes all the sales! I have to say I haven't been overly impressed with sales this year, I didn't even get anything in the Boots sale (shock horror!) and most online sites have shipping added to what you want and nothing really seemed worth it or I just didn't like the items enough until I spotted a few things on New Look online!

Now first thing I have to ask is, how bad are their stores at the moment? Especially for the plus size range "Inspire". The closest New Look to me is Mullingar and its Inspire section has gotten so dreadful. I then go to Dublin thinking it would be much better and nope, same stuff or more clothes that would fit an older woman better. I then hear they've actually gotten rid of the Inspire range from their stores over the years in the UK and it's still on going. So is it going to happen here?

Well all I can say is they have awful stuff in store but then online they have completely different stuff that are actually really good. But the downfall here is, unlike in store I can't tell if the stuff will fit me. I found New Look's Inspire sizing is all over the place. I have a size 24 top which is actually more like a 14-16 from the Inspire range. And then you see some other 24 sized tops and they're even bigger than what they should be. It also costs about €6 for shipping (unless you spend over €65 for free shipping) and they don't have free returns either so if you get the wrong size you have to spend more money but if you were in store you could try them all on and get the right size for yourself. As well as that, sometimes their quality isn't great and you need to be able to see them before buying.

All that REALLY puts me off buying from the New Look website and had these items not been on sale there would have been no way I would have gotten them. Oh and the sizes are all weird but luckily I kind of knew what way the sizing was going to be for some of them and guessed right.

Inspire Grey Ghostbusters T-Shirt (Can't find on the site anymore) - original price €14.99 - bought on sale for €8.99

I'm going to start with the two awesome t-shirts I got. First up is the Ghostbusters tee which I really love. I got this in a size 22 which just fits. This runs a good bit small so you need to size up with this kind of tee from New Look. I will also say that both are not worth their original price.

Inspire Grey Nirvana Photo T-Shirt (Sold out but still on the site) - original price €17.99 - bought on sale for €9.00

I done the same with this Nirvana one which runs a lot smaller than the Ghostbusters one. Both are super light and will be great for when the weather gets warmer again. I'm a massive Nirvana fan so I couldn't pass on this one and I know I'll get great wear out of this. Also I love the shape of both of them and they have just enough of a little sleeve.

Inspire Dark Red Flounce Skater Skirt (Can't find on the site anymore) - original price €14.99 - bought on sale for €8.99 

This skirt comes in two colours, black and dark red. The red was the only one on sale unfortunately! Had both of them been on sale I would have bought both colours. I got this in a size 18 and it fits perfect. It will go so well with both tops above and others I have. It also sits better on, than in the photo above. I'm sure I will have outfit posts in future with it so you can see it a bit better.

Inspire Black Leather Look Pencil Skirt (On the site but sold out) - original price €22.99 - bought on sale for €13.79 

This is a really nice pencil skirt but definitely not worth the orginal price. The leather look is more wet look and the zip on the side is so terrible! But it's still really nice haha! It has a great shape (better than what's in the photo) and its nice when it's on. I got it in a size 18 and it fits well.

Wide Fit Stone Leopard Print Flatform Plimsolls (still on sale in lots of sizes as I'm writing this blog post!) - original price €17.99 - bought on sale for €7.20

I'm in love with these shoes and I'm so happy I got them on sale! The print on them is really nice and they're comfy! I don't actually need to get wide fitted shoes at all and these fit just like regular shoes so I'm not sure why they're called "wide fit". Anyhow, best shoes!! :D

Purple Dragon Print Socks (Still on sale as I'm writing this blog) - original price €2.50 - bought on sale for €1.50.

How cute are these socks?! So so flippin' cute! You can actually get 3 pairs of socks for €5 but if I'm honest I really don't need anymore socks as I've got a drawer overflowing with them. But I couldn't pass on these super cute ickle dragons! :D

That's all I have for now! Let me know if you like any of the items mentioned and anyone else who shops in Inspire, how have you been finding the selection in store?!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. check out my Alternative Curves outfit post over on my new blog Spooky Ash! My Alternative Curves posts will be over on my new blog but keep an eye out for other outfit posts here in future!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn/Fall Etsy Finds

I'm still not sure that I'm in Autumn mode just yet. Here in Ireland it's hard to believe that it's autumn already when it's still so warm! I see many Irish Bloggers putting up outfit posts with coats and scarves and I'm wondering what part of Ireland they're living in! I actually have a fan on in my room it's that warm! :D

That being said, Halloween is in stores at the moment and getting me very excited. The smell of pumpkin spice and musty scents is making me crave the Autumn. Of course not the dull rainy days but the cold, frosty, sunshiny days that we sometimes get in here in Autumn. The leaves are all changing colour and with the sun that we are having at the moment, everywhere is starting to look golden.

So I thought I would finally do some Autumn posts getting us really for when the weather does finally change. When it hits us, I know we'll feel it!

First up I have a Autumn/Fall themed Etsy Finds. I'm also doing a Halloween Etsy Finds over on my Spooky Ash blog! What's Spooky Ash you ask? Well I've decided to start up my own blog for all things spooky, Halloween, movies, music and just anything nerdy/geeky! I didn't want to be overflowing Sempre Sorres with random stuff and wanted to keep it mostly beauty and fashion and collaborations with Kerrie! I also didn't want Kerrie's post to get lost! So if you're a Halloween fan (or Horror movie fan) head over to my Halloween Etsy Finds #1 after this! The first part includes Halloween related home decor and the second part will have jewellery, accessories and more!

I just love everything this guy does! These are perfect for those cool autumn days when you're outside or just relaxing inside (watching The X Files of course!).

 How amazing is this hooded cloak by PhantomLovely?! I am in love with this. It's quite pricy and I usually wouldn't link anything with that price but my god it's totally worth it! Something I would love to buy in future for sure.

Simple but so cute and they would really add a lovely autumn vibe to any outfit.

Chokers really took over this summer but I can definitely see them travelling into autumn/winter especially plain black ribbon or velvet ones! Be sure to have a good look around though and get a good price. A lot of people are making the same ones and have them very expensive. I bought the plastic tattoo chokers on Aliexpress for about €2 for a pack of 5 and I see people buying them in Claires Accessories for €8 just for one!!! Crazy!!

Any Hannibal fan out there is going to love this one. It's certainly what it reminds me of! But it's actually intertwining twigs not antlers. Very witchy and would go great with a pair of brass crescent moon earrings which are available from the same shop the silver ones above are from. 

Both necklaces are by the wonderful Ruby Robin Boutique! Her handmade Irish jewelry is to die for and so very Autumn! It's hard not to feature all of her beautiful jewelry. 

Unfortunately this cute little wooden badger brooch is sold but I couldn't not show it! It's just too cute! The seller might have it for sale again in future though, I hope!

These are actually for Cosplay but I would for sure wear these super cute fingerless paw gloves out and about in the crisp autumn weather! 

Raccoon Cushion Plush

How cute is this guy?! I wanna cuddle him!

And lastly we have this amazing and super cute Fox bag from the same shop the Raccoon cushion is from! They also have lots of other fox items including some cute doggies and owls as well! :D

Feeling the autumness yet?! :D For more Autumn Etsy Finds you can view this Autumn list I made on Etsy! I will be adding to it over time.

Don't forget to head over to Spooky Ash and take a look at my Halloween Etsy Finds! :)

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

FOTD - Wet 'n' Wild Comfort Zone

My face of the day using Wet 'N' Wild's 'Comfort Zone' pallet on my eyes.  These shadows are so pigmented and lovely and soft.  They are all shimmery, which I like but if you aren't a fan they may not be for you.  They can be worn intensly or used sparingly as a soft wash of colour. 

** That is a scar on the lower right eye as you look at the pics (not stray eyeliner :P)

With and Without Glasses

Focus on the eye; I used Maybellines 'On and On Bronze' as a base.
In the corner to the middle I used the 'eyelid' shade on the left of the WnW pallet
Followed by the left 'definer' shader on the outer eyelid blended inwards.
Next I blended up and highlight under brow with the 'browbone' shade on the right hand side of the pallet.
I lined top and bottom water line with Urban Decay Demolition pencil and did my upper liner with L'oreal Superliner

My Brows are filled using an angled brush and a mix of 'Naked 2'and 'Crave' from the UD Naked Basics Pallet. Then I went over them with MeMeMe's 'Arch Angel' Brow gel to add texture.

On my lashes I've got the Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara

For my base I primed with Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer.  Covered redness with Vichy Dermablend Foundation Stick.  My foundation is the Bourjois Healthy Mix in Vanilla Clair. My undereye concealer is the Rimmel 'Wake me Up' in Ivory 10.

You can find Wet n Wild & Catrice Cosmetics in Ireland in Penny's and various Pharmacies.  Look out for MeMeMe in your local Chemist too :)

Until next time,