Monday, December 10, 2012

Purple Haze

I have a bunch of faves I want to share on this theme, there are just so many pretty awesome purple things. Hope you enjoy!

I saw this on facebook and had to share it, I think it looks amazing.  If I had the patience, time and money this is how I'd have my hair!

It's surprising how such an outrageous colour can look so classy.  There seem to be highlights and low lights, maybe a darker purple and silver?  If anyone knows where this picture originally came from please let me know!

This lipstick is from Lancome's Midnight Rose Collection, the colour is Prune Mantille and I WANT IT!

I really do love lamp
A Tiffany Lamp

Rebel With a Cosmos

Kitchen Aid !Sugar Plum Fairy     
Cosmos Leggings from Modcloth, Sugar Plum Fairy from Philosophy, Kitchen Aid purple. Santa please bring them to me!!

Bye for now!

Friday, December 7, 2012

OOTD: Birthday!

Movie T-Shirt: Frighteners, FrightRags
Denim Jacket: Old, not sure where it was got
Check Shirt: Littlewoods
Jeans: So Fabulous, Littlewoods
Boots: Doc Martens, China Blue Shoes Dublin

Fox Scarf: Penny's/Primark
Robot Hand Necklace: gift from my boyfriend

Cross Bracelet: Fashionology
Green Skull Bracelet/Neck Tie: TopShop


Skeleton Earrings: Claire's Accessories (I think) 

Bird Hair Slide: gift from a friend
Cat Ears: Penny's/Primark

My boyfriend got me the awesome Frighteners t-shirt and the Fox scarf for my birthday! I love them :)
I also have some photos of this outfit on my instagram (you can view my profile here)
Below are some instragram's of my birthday outfit and presents! :D

1. Hula Dancer Brooch my friend Emma got me! Its so pretty. I'm wearing it in this OOTD.
2. My T-shirt, Scarf and Harry Potter DVD's my boyfriend Steve got me.
3. Pretty purple flowers from Steve.
4. The Hound and Steve!

 Picture of us when I was getting the photos for this post! :D

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Lush: Bubblebeard Bubble Bar & Golden Wonder

Finally! An update :) I bought Bubblebeard Bubble Bar and Golden Wonder awhile back and said I would do a little blog post about them.

I was curious about the Bubblebeard for awhile before I got it. I love beards and moustaches and anything related so I knew I had to have it. It smells nice and minty and musky. That's about the best I can explain it. I really love the smell. You swoosh it around in the water until you get lots of bubbles. I find you can get about 3-4 uses out of it but be careful cos it might break off the stick. The bubbles you get aren't the most amazing bubbles but they do smell really good and last for awhile. Oh and I did make loads of bubble beards :P

I love Golden Wonder

I got it last year at Christmas and it was my favourite thing and I couldn't wait for it to be Christmas time again so I could buy another one. Its shaped like a little present and when you put it in the water it goes from gold to all different colours swirling around to a lovely dark turquoise (or a dark purple) with little gold stars of glitter that melt and fill the bath with swirling glitter. Just awesome! The smell, I find, isn't too amazing. Its kind of citrusy which I don't like. I don't like any citrus smelling things at all but its not over powering, its just light and I do like it. But really I buy it just to see it dissolve. My photos don't do it justice it really is the best Bath Bomb Lush have.

The turquoise is way darker and bluer than my photos show. In the last photo if you click and full view you can see the little glitter stars!

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