Sunday, December 1, 2013

Aishling's November in Review - Instagram, Movies, TV, Music

Hello December! I do hope this month is lots better than November. I've pretty much been sick for the whole of November and just want it to be over now! I'm so glad December is finally here! My birthday is on the 5th and then I have Christmas to look forward to (after all the finding gifts for everyone stress is over)!

Even though November was so bad I thought I'd still do a little month in review.

First up is all my Instagram snaps over the last month. Most are of Merle but he is super cute so I'm sure you don't mind :P (click to full view and you can follow my Instagram here!)

1. Watching Are You Afraid of the Dark with Steve! It was very nostalgic!  
2. Chocolate Pumpkin with Smarties inside! 
3. Halloween Decorations and Pumpkins outside 
4. Pumpkins! Which are now rotten :P 
5. White Chocolate Ghost 
6. Merle watching Death Becomes Her 
7.Merle sitting like a human and keeping warm under our duvet!  
8. Merle fell down off the couch, got back up and won't look at me out of embarrassment! Aww! 
9. Steve with Hades! 
10. Merle and his amazing face  
11.  Merle again and his amazing face 
12. Merle again with his crazy face :P 
13. Merle and his very long legs that he doesn't know what to do with  
14. Merle being all human again 
15. Merle is so impressed by our new DVD  
16. Yankie candle melt things that smell AMAZING

movies I've watched this month (that I remember):
Thor: The Dark World - I wish I had of seen it more than once in the cinema. Safe to say I loved it!
The Avengers - Because we loved Thor so much we watched The Avengers again for the millionth time. No seriously, I've seen it too many times.
Monsters University - I didn't get too see this in the cinema unfortunately but it was still excellent and as good as the first which...
Monsters Inc - ... we also watched!
Blackfish - This is one of the more serious ones on the list. Its a documentary about Tilikum a killer whale that has killed 3 people. I should mention that Tilikum is held captive at Sea World. He is a wild animal used for human entertainment. It is very sad and shocking but well worth the watch. Probably one of my favourite documentaries along side West of Memphis.
The World's End - Edgar Wright can do no wrong. Hilarious, excellent, awesome and surprisingly sad.
Despicable Me 2 - If you don't like this, we can't be friends.

tv shows I've watched this month (that I remember):
Modern Family/Parks & Recreation - Two of my favourite comedy shows. I love them to death! I can never watch enough of them.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - I didn't think I would love this show as much as I do. I hear it is getting a lot of negative reviews (even though I think its doing well) and I seriously do not understand how it could be getting negative reviews cos every time an episode ends I'm dying the whole week until I see another. Coulson <3
Doctor Who - Sheer awesomeness.
Sleepy Hollow - Another new show that I'm really enjoying! If you're a Supernatural fan or just like spooky shows you should be watching this!
10 Things You Don't Know About with Henry Rollins - If Henry Rollins is involved, I'm in. So far we've been learning things about America's presidents while looking at and hearing Henry. Its a win win situation. 

music I've been listening to:
Muse - I started to revisit Muse over the last month. I started with Uno which is one of my favourite songs of theirs and then moved on to Sunburn. I just love all their stuff up until The Resistance. I really wasn't too fond of that album at all. Even though I'm pretty sure I know the song off haha! Still they're very different to what they sounded like a few years ago. I haven't even listened to anything off 2nd Law. Only one song that I didn't like very much. Oh well they're still one of my all time favourite bands.
Amon Amarth - Amon Amarth was one of my favourite bands that I seen live. I really want to see them again. They sing about Vikings and Thor and Loki and awesome stuff like that. Johan <3
Queens of the Stone Age - I got to see QOTSA this month! They played an amazing gig! I just wish I hadn't been so sick. Oh well. I am really loving their new stuff and the animated videos that go along with it. 

I made up a playlist quickly of songs I've been listening to over the last while. It includes what I've mentioned and some more. It's quite a mix so I hope you find something you like! :) I ended it with QOTSA's 15 minute animated video with songs from their newly released album. It's excellent so do be sure to check it out!

Well that is all I can think of to share with you this time! I'm hoping soon to have a new video up. I'm thinking of doing a small haul and maybe a music tag! So watch this space...!

Thanks for reading (& listening)!