Monday, September 2, 2013

Music Moday #3

My first pick was inspired by recent flashback to 1997 when I head this song, one I had totally forgotten about! 

Summertime by The Sundays, from there I was on a roll and here a few of my favourite songs from around '96/'97, it's so hard to choose, I could go on and on... In fact I may return with part II next week :D

Since I was a huge X-Files fan at the time, my 'Songs in the Key of X' tape would have been worn out! (note tape - I didn't upgrade to CD's till 98 as far as I know!) Red Right hand was my first encounter with Nick Cave.

Beck awesome as always.

White Town - Your Woman, remember them?!

Finally some Foo's! 

Seeing as Kerrie has started a 90's theme, I'm going to follow with some of my favourite 90's songs! :) 

Starting with Portishead's Glory Box. I happened to be listening to this while putting together Kerrie's picks! Sooooo good.

Can't be the 90's without Nirvana! School! This is an amazing recording (You can get it on DVD! I have it!) of a really awesome live gig.

Seen the Eels for the first time this year! Excellent live and I would highly recommend!

R.E.M. - It's The End Of The World.
I think I'm kind of cheating with this one as its off their 1987 album "Document" and released in the US in that same year but in the UK (And Ireland) it was re-released in 1991. So it just got in there for it :P It's definitely a 90's song for me. I remember listening to it and I also remember the video freaking me out for some reason? I guess because it, at the time, seemed very sad and dark but the song, even though it's about the end of the world, is very happy! Haha! Poor confused little me!

Rollins Band - Disconnect.
No, I didn't know Rollins Band in the 90's obviously. I think even up until 2000 I would have been far to young for the kick in the face that is Henry. Oh but do I wish I would have listened to him when I was in school around my teen times. But whatever he eventually found his way around to me and I couldn't go and post a 90's music blog without him :P