Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lush Review - Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb

I'm only just after using this one. Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb. A woman in the Lush shop at Henry Street Dublin let me test it out! She said its from the new Spring range that is out at the moment. She had a jug of water for it to fizz in, I popped it in, it fizzed away and it smelt amazing. She said the red side fizzes up first quickly so you can breathe in the neroli and rose oils. Then as you lie back while the blue one takes its time at fizzing away you can enjoy your bath and the awesome woody smell. The blue side takes as long at 10 minutes to fizzy out completely and goes lovely and frothy!

The water is at first a pink with white and blue froth on top. As the blue slowly dissolves the water it changes into an amazing deep purple.

I really loved this one. It smells amazing. With Black Pepper Oil, Sandlewood Oil, Cedarwood Oil and lots of others it has an wonderful earthy smell.

It makes for a long super relaxing bath. Nice and warm and tingly and I could feel it really relaxing my legs especially.

I'm out of the bath now about half an hour or more and I can still get the smell of it on my skin and I love it. I will be repurchasing this one for sure!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

So yesterday 16th March 2014 (note NOT St. Patrick's day) we ramble into town and find a parade happening!  Seems Carrick on Shannon have a parade before the big day, very Irish :P  I decided to film a little, excuse the poor quality and shakiness. Enjoy the Vlog and Happy Paddy's Day!

Feat. My rambling, Tractors, Superman and the man himself.  Bonus doggies and and a small horse (not far away)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lush Review - Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

Another Lush review?! I know, I know. I think every beauty blogger reviews Lush products and here's another one to add to the never ending list but honestly, I love Lush bath bombs, melts, bars etc. and you should too. They smell amazing and most of them leave your skin feeling amazing. I bought quite a few after Christmas (I'm far too slow with getting these reviews up) including this one.

Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb. It's in the shape of a Christmas pudding but has great big colourful polka dots around it. It smells amazing, citrusy but a nice Lavender scent to go along with it as well as a few other smells that you'd need to smell yourself. I'm not great at explaining smells :P It's also a great size for a bath bomb so you're getting your moneys worth.

Here is my bath bomb demo but of course don't watch if you want to be surprised and you're thinking of buying your own at Christmas!

In the end it leaves the water a very blood red colour, now I think this varies for some people because I've heard its a purple/red or a wine colour but for me it was a very blood red and I loved it! The water was soft but not as moisturising as others they have. Overall though I love this and will definitely repurchase it at Christmas. I really hate it when you have to wait til Christmas for these great ones again! I have Golden Wonder still (its one of my all time favourites) and once I use it, I won't have another til Christmas :'(

When I do use Golden Wonder I will most certainly be doing another review of that amazing bath bomb.

Hope you enjoyed this little review :) Lots more to come soon when I get off my lazy ass.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Aishling's FOTD #1

As I'm sure you all know by now Wet N' Wild is finally in Ireland! Dunne Stores have them in stock. At first in the bigger stores but now both Longford and Mullingar have them. I purchased the Comfort Zone palette that everyone raves about! It's only about €6 and it's amazing. The colours are wonderful, pigmented, glide on and are perfect for blending.

Eyes: Wet N' Wild's Comfort Zone Palette (Right side mostly with the amazing green)
Mascara: Eyeko
Face: Revlon Colourstay Foundation in Ivory
Lips: Rimmel Lipstick in Mayfair Red Lady