Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Get To Know Me A Little More Tag with Aishling & Steve!

I've been thinking of doing one of these get to know me tags for awhile now but never got around to it. I just recently started following Blue Hair in Belgium when I read this post by her! She got her boyfriend to join in with her when answering the questions! Fun! So I'm going to do the same haha! :D 

My answer will be in purple (cos I have too many favorite colours) and Steve's will be in green because he loves green. 

Tis me and Steve! Duh! :P

1. Do you have a middle name?
I also do :P

2. What was your favourite subject in school?
I enjoyed learning about history but I also quite liked the experimentation of chemistry.
Art and some history as long as it wasn't political. 

3. What's your favourite drink?
Water, I'm so boring.

4.What's your favourite song at the moment?
Childish Gambino - Sweatpants but I love that Woods of Ypres song too. 

5.What would you name your children?
Alex for both.
I like Willow, Mia, Astrid. Can't think of one boys name but I do also like Alex.

6. Do you participate in any sports?
Not really anymore. I did play Gaelic football, real football, basketball and had a go at MMA

7. What's your favourite book?
Most things by Chuck Palaniuk. Hellboy. Sandman.
I don't have one favorite. Harry Potter, Ghost World, Preacher, No Country for Old Men to name a few.

8. What's your favourite colour?
I have many favorites! But at the moment I'm liking mint green.

9. What's your favourite animal?
Tiger or Rhino. And Merle.
Hedgehog and Merle.

10. What's your favourite perfume?
I don't know any of the names.
At the moment its a Nicki Minaj perfume I have by her. 

11. What's your favourite time of the year?
Christmas dinner time
Halloween! :D

12. Have you been out of the country?
Yes. Does Northern Ireland count? And Spain.
Yes, America, Rome and Cyprus!

13. Do you speak any other languages?

14. Do you have any siblings?

15. What's your favourite shop?
Fright Rags.

16. What's your favourite food?
All the foods. Peanut Butter. Chocolate. Lasagne.
I agree with Steve, all the foods. 

17. What's your favourite movie?
Obviously I can't pick one so I'll just go with favorite movie right now, Whip It.

18. What are some of your favourite TV shows?
Breaking Bad. Game of Thrones. Arrested Development. Parks and Rec. And many more.
The Wire, The X Files, Breaking Bad, Hannibal, Agents of Shield, The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Steve and I watch A LOT of tv so we'll be here all day :P

19. What phone do you have?
A 10 year old Nokia something. The slidey one.
iPhone 4S, poor Steve. 

20. How tall are you?
5'7 or something like that.

21. Any pets?
Puppy Merle and Albi the not racist bearded dragon.
Puppy Merle and doggy Bailey.

22. Any kids?
Does Steve count?! :P

23. If you weren't you, would you be your friend?
Only if they were as awesome as me.
Well we would have the same interests and everything so I would say yes. 

24. What's the first thing you notice about someone?
Their clothes.
What they're wearing I guess?!

25. What is your eye colour?

26. Scary movies or happy endings?
Too many scary movies have happy endings.
Should it not be scary movies or happy ones? I don't think the opposite to scary movies is happy endings. Anyhow it's both for me. It all depends what mood I'm in. 

27. Favourite smells?
Chocolate. Spicy foods. Christmas pudding.
Lavender, Fresh bread, the Lush shop, honeysuckle. 

28. Do you have any special talents?
I can juggle.
I can touch my nose with my tongue.

29. Where were you born?
Mullingar hospital
Ireland :P

30. What are your hobbies?
Movies, music, gaming, giving out, guitar playing, reading.

Pretty much the same as Steve as well as blogging, reading blogs, watching YouTube videos and buy things on Etsy.

And that ended up looking quite boring but I'll post it anyhow :P
I tag anyone who wants to do it! :D
Be sure to check out Steve's awesome and hilarious movie, music & TV blog here at BurnedMyEyes.

I'll try and find a better one for next time and also find one Kerrie & I can complete or maybe even do a Get To Know Us video! If you'd like to see that, let us know! :) 

Thanks for reading! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Let's Talk Blog Challenge - Magazines Vs Blogging

So it's week 5 of the #LetsTalkBlogChallenge and if you don't know what that is here's a quick explanation in the words of creator  Sarah's Blog.

So this is going to be a 6 week challenge, with a different topic each week that we'll write and tweet about. The plan is to write and schedule our posts for Monday at 8pm and then tweet our posts on twitter at that time, using the hashtag #LetsTalkBlogChallenge. That way every Monday at 8pm all our posts are live and we're all online to interact and share our posts with each other. I'll be online from 8-9pm every Monday, reading and commenting on all the posts and chatting to you all, just so there is a sense of community and interaction.

The topic for this week is; Magazines Vs Blogging!

No separate posts from Kerrie and Aishling this week as we pretty much have the same opinion on the subject, we've decided to teamed up for this opinion piece.

We are going to tackle this one on 6 essential points and discuss the merits and disadvantages of each.

Let the battle begin!!!

As you can tell, my photoshop skillz are amazing! - Aishling

Magazine - Generally you can walk into any shop and usually some type of magazine is available. If you don't live in a large town or city it can be more difficult, especially if your interest is not main stream.  It is possible to subscribe to magazines so that's great for anyone not able to access a local supplier.

Blog - Once you have internet access you can access blogs anywhere any time.  Therein lies the problem if you have no interwebs no blogs for you!

Magazine - There are very few free magazines I can think of, so generally there is a charge and in most cases a substantial one at that.  Sometimes the price is justifiable, you can be getting a very good product full of information valuable to you.  In other cases, particularly beauty magazines, the price difference between the UK and Ireland is crazy and not a good value.

Blog - I don't know of any blogs that charge so I'm gonna say all blogs are free! No buyers regret here if you read a blog and find it's not for you. 

Magazine - Magazines are usually printed on a weekly or monthly basis so you are getting up to date information.  You are more than likely going to be inundated with ad's in magazines, this may be of interest, as you can see new products or be reminded of something you like.  On the other hand this can be hugely annoying as a lot of the content can be take up by adverts.  You can flick through the mag and just have a quick browse at the pictures, read the small snippets or delve into a long article at your leisure.  When you find a magazine you like, you can be assured of consistency in the quality of the writing and the accuracy of reviews.  There may be particular writers you know or favour, who write solely for that magazine so you couldn't get that else where.

Blog - Depending on when the blog was created you have lots of options; read only the most recent article or look back through weeks, months or years of content.  A blog may be updated more frequently so you have something new to read every day.  Advertisement on blogs can be blocked.  The quality of writing and content of blogs can vary hugely so a good article can be followed by something poorly written and edited.  On the flip side there are many blogs producing well written and considered content.

Magazine - Depending on where you live, locally the selection may be limited.  That's not to say there are not magazines on a huge amount of interests.  Say you are interested in Fire Engines?! You may have some trouble finding a magazine off the shelf, either locally or in a large retailer.  But it could be possible to order from the retailer or subscribe to the magazine directly.  Walk into a large newsagents, let's say Easons on O'Connell St. Dublin and you will find a massive selection for you to peruse.  I would say hundreds of titles are available there on a wide variety of subjects.

Blog - Fire Engines you say?! Oh there will be a blog on that!  All one needs to do is type in your interest into google and there will be thousands of blogs available to you.  The only problem is which one to read first!

Magazine - Magazines provided limited interaction, there may be a "Letters to the Editor" section or questions answered but this means going to the effort of writing and mailing or emailing and waiting to see if it is published or you get a reply.  It is not instantaneous.

Blog - Most blogs have a comments section so you can comment on a post instantly.  You can communicate with the author of the blog or the other people who have commented.  You may not always get a reply however.

Magazine - Often a beauty magazine will give a free sample or full size product to entice you, these can be worth more than the price of the magazine itself!  Special interest magazines too might give you something free i.e a knitting pattern, posters, free access to a database, money off voucher, free download, cake decorating equipment etc.  You may also be able to enter exclusive competitions or have the opportunity to go to events hosted or associated with the title.

Blog - Lots of blogs hold competitions these days and lots of comps means lots of chances to win!  You may also make friends through blogs that you wouldn't be able to through the solitary world of reading a Magazine.

In conclusion we both agree that Blogs beat Magazines hands down!  
Godzilla victory dance, again my amazing photoshop skillz :P - Aishling
 We very rarely buy magazines  nowadays, as all we want is freely available online.  The only thing that would tempt us to purchase a mag is a freebie!

What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below or if you've done this challenge too, be sure to link to your post.

Bye for now!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Let's Talk Blog Challenge - Kerrie's Wedding Day Survival Guide

So it's week 4 of the #LetsTalkBlogChallenge and if you don't know what that is here's a quick explanation in the words of creator  Sarah's Blog. 

So this is going to be a 6 week challenge, with a different topic each week that we'll write and tweet about. The plan is to write and schedule our posts for Monday at 8pm and then tweet our posts on twitter at that time, using the hashtag #LetsTalkBlogChallengeThat way every Monday at 8pm all our posts are live and we're all online to interact and share our posts with each other. I'll be online from 8-9pm every Monday, reading and commenting on all the posts and chatting to you all, just so there is a sense of community and interaction.

This post is a sort of tips style post with 4 options- A First Date Survival Guide, A Wedding Day Survival Guide, A Night Out Survival Guide or A Festival Survival Guide.

I have chosen 'A Wedding Day Survival Guide' because I'm going to be attending a wedding this summer and I hope I have covered all bases!  
Obviously this is personal to me, it'll be interesting to read what other people feel is essential to surviving Wedding day preperations, participation and tribulations! :D 

First things first you're gonna need an outfit, to me this will be the main challenge - what the heck do I wear!  I want something that's comforable, suits my shape and looks pretty!  As it's summer time, I want something I'm not gonna be over heating in, shoes that don't hurt (too much) and not too high of a heel because the ability to walk is important to me! 
Along with that some nice accessories to tie it all together.

I've picked some things polyvore I would choose for a summer wedding outfit.

Outfit Option

Next are preperations, hair, make up and skin if you are wearing a dress or something sleeveless etc, I think it's a good idea to prep your skin, lots of moisturiser in the week before to get it looking nice.  


A lot of people are gonna go for fake tan, I'm not a fake tanner but I might delve into a bit of tinted lotion such as the dove summer glow.

Nails - I want nice nails to compliment my outfit I will choose a colour and probably do this myself but if you wanna splash out on a manicure that would be perfect too.  Dont forget the toes if you're wearing peep toes shoes!

Hair - This a biggie, do you need to get it coloured?  Make sure to do that in advance, you don't want to risk flipping dye marks around your scalp on the big day if you're dark haired!
Then it's all about the styling, are you going to book your do on the day or DIY?

Make Up - I'll be applying my own, I'll use a face primer and an eye shadow primer paired with long lasting foundations and eyeshadow that will not require touch ups.  I'll carry a concealer in my bag along with cotton buds for any touch ups if required.  My mascara will last all day and a long lasting eyeliner (both smudge and water proof) so I don't need to bring that along.  I will apply a moisturising lippie/gloss that I can re- apply through the day but won't wear badly or cause my lips to dry out and look yuck!
I'll apply a setting spray and that should help things last all day and night.

Wedding essentials

What's in my handbag?
  • Money
  • Camera - digital and disposable for fun :)
  • Phone fully charged ;)
  • Make Up etc - powder, concealer, lipstick, cotton buds, lip balm, small pack tissues
  • Plasters and Painkillers
  • Hair clips, small can or hair spray/gel/dry shampoo of your hair is likely to need it
  • Mini deodorant
  • A safety pin is always a great thing to carry in case of wardrobe malfunctions

Thanks for reading and let me know if you did this challenge!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tune Tuesday - Aishling's Picks

If you've read my last Tune Tuesday post you will know that I've moved Music Monday to Tune Tuesday for the moment until the Let's Talk Blog Challenge we're doing is over! Which will be sad because we've been having lots of fun doing the challenges! 

I'm going to start with Clutch. Clutch are an amazing rock, blues, southern rock band from America and if you haven't heard them, you need to now. We were lucky enough to see them live on the 9th of May in Dublin at The Academy. It was amazing! Definitely one of the best gigs I've been too. My boyfriend Steve does a brilliant review of the gig here "Get Your Ass In Gear - Clutch @ The Academy, Dublin" (not for the faint hearted or easily offended I have to add :P) but you must read it for the awesomeness.

I'll start with Cypress Grove. This is my all time favourite song by them. I just looooove it.

Clutch - Cypress Grove

Clutch - Crucial Velocity

This song is one of the many amazing songs off their new album "Earth Rocker".

Clutch - Burning Beard

And lastly Burning Beard which was the first Clutch song I heard. Just awesome.

Neutral Milk Hotel - She Did A Lot Of Acid/Beautiful Baby

I am sure I've heard this song before sometime so I guess I could say I've rediscovered it. I've never listened to Neutral Milk Hotel and didn't even know what kind of music they made but I have to say I really like the sounds of this. I will definitely be checking out more of their stuff. This is an acoustic version of this song as far as I can tell, I think the original is a lot faster.

Mecca Normal - Ribbon

I have no idea who Mecca Normal are. I found this song when I went onto a page of someone on tumblr and they had one of those automatic music players (which I usually hate) and I really liked the sound of this song. It sounds just like Patti Smith! I was sure it was her but nope. The singers name is Jean Smith! So I was close haha! This video seems to be uploaded to her own account that she runs herself. I will definitely be listening to more of her stuff.

The Knife - Marble House

I just love The Knife and I love anything Karin Dreijer Andersson is involved with. Her voice and sound is just fantastic! I have no idea what kind of music you would call The Knife. Electronic I guess buts its a bit more alternative. This song is sooooo good.

Tori Amos - Crucify

I have nothing really to add here only I just really like this song.

Aaliyah - One In A Million (Urban Noize Remix)

This is someones remix of this song on YouTube. Don't worry their isn't much difference to the original song but enough to make me love this more. I just really like this song. It's nice and relaxing, especially in the nice weather.

Down - Conjure

Steve got some new musics from Down which I've been enjoying. If you haven't heard Down before, I highly recommend them especially if you like your metal or heavy musics. Down's lead singer is the amazing Phil Anselmo from Pantera and the rest of the band is made up of musicians from other bands. This song off their second EP I'm really liking. It sounds very like Black Sabbath and is just soooo awesome!

That's all for this week!
I hope you enjoy and let me know what you've been listening to recently :)

Thanks for reading (and listening)!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Let's Talk Blog Challenge - Aishling's Festival Survival Guide

So it's week 4 of the #LetsTalkBlogChallenge and if you don't know what that is here's a quick explanation in the words of creator  Sarah's Blog.

So this is going to be a 6 week challenge, with a different topic each week that we'll write and tweet about. The plan is to write and schedule our posts for Monday at 8pm and then tweet our posts on twitter at that time, using the hashtag #LetsTalkBlogChallenge. That way every Monday at 8pm all our posts are live and we're all online to interact and share our posts with each other. I'll be online from 8-9pm every Monday, reading and commenting on all the posts and chatting to you all, just so there is a sense of community and interaction.

The topic for this week is; Survival Guide! We had the option of choosing either a First Date Survival Guide, A Wedding Day Survival Guide, A Night Out Survival Guide or A Festival Survival Guide.

I'm going with a Festival Survival Guide because it fitted me best! I've been to the Oxegen music festival 3 years in a row and I have no interest in dating (I have my man), I've only ever been to one wedding in my life and I rarely ever go on a night out so festival was the best option!

I should note that we (Kerrie & I) never camped because I have no idea how the hell anyone can do that. We always booked a hotel which I can't recommend enough. Getting back to a nice shower and a soft comfy bed? Yes please! I do know some people love camping but it's just not for me. So if you're looking for a festival plus camping survival guide, this isn't it. This is more of a "Days of the Festival Survival Guide".

Festival Outfit

First up is an optional festival outfit! Comfort is key. I've seen so many people go to festivals dressed up to the nines and always wonder what the hell they're doing! So much mud and crap and not to forget the rain! Outfits and hair get destroyed as soon as you set foot on the sloppy, squishy, beer and piss covered grass. LMAO! But then it's totally up to you what you choose to wear. I still think you can be super comfortable and look great while going to a festival. 

A jacket or raincoat is super super important when going to a festival. Rain is more than likely going to happen, especially in Ireland. A raincoat would be best because if you're not wearing it I find it's easier to fold up and put in your bag. 

A comfy t-shirt or even an old one you don't mind getting all mud. I wore a Kurt Cobain tee one year (unfortunately not the one in the picture above) and it was great! Super comfy and I even got some compliments on it! But beware slogan t-shirts. I wore a Ramones tee another year with "Hey HO, Lets GO" on the back and after the millionth time of people shouting it at me, it got old fast. I still have that shirt though and love it to bits! I also included a spare t-shirt (The amazing X-Files one) which you should have in your bag incase you get too sweaty or muddy!

Some comfy jeans that you don't mind getting covered in mud.

The only makeup I included was eyeliner. I, to be honest, wouldn't recommend wearing makeup. You get sweaty and wet and muddy and I just would rather not have to think about how my makeup is looking or if it's melting off my face. I do think eyeliner is great though if you want to just add something to your face. This NYC eyeliner is so good and I've actually been to a gig recently, got all sweaty, and it never budged. A winner in my book. 

Sunglasses! Depending on where the stage is, the sun could be right beside it and you could be looking right at it. Do not forget your sunglasses or your eyes and head will hate you! I picked these amazing ones I found on Etsy! Cat-eye and so very pretty. 

Like makeup, I think any kind of jewelry gets in the way. I don't think I wore any jewelry when I went. But I'm really loving chokers recently. Remember those plastic tattoo chokers from the 90's we had as kids? They're back in fashion! Unlike a hanging necklace they're not likely to snag on anything or get in your way so I think they're perfect along with these eyeball stud earrings. Like necklaces, I wouldn't recommend hanging earrings so go for some eye catching stud earrings!

And lastly BOOTS! Boots are super super important. I have seen so many people wearing wellies, especially those ones with the designs which are the WORST because they're not made as wellies only a fashion accessory, get yourself some good fishing or farming wellies for comfort. Wellies also get stuck in the mud very easily and I've seen so many people come out of their wellies and then their socks go straight into the mud! Eeeewwww! Boots are more comfortable and if you get stuck it's easier to pull them out. I've put Doc Martens in this set only because I couldn't find any cheap hiking boots online anywhere. Usually in Lidl or Aldi they have hiking boots every now and then that are really good! I wore mine every year and they never failed me. I still have them and use them when I'm going on long walks. They're also waterproof, I never had wet feets and are super easy to clean. 

Festival/Gig - What's Inside Your Backpack

Now on to your bag and what you should have inside it! 

I picked this bag from eBay but any comfy backpack will do. I recommend backpacks more than shoulder bags because you have more support with backpacks and you'll be on your feet most of the day so the weight of your bag on one shoulder wouldn't do anyone any good! 

Water is the most important. Whether it's sunny or raining you need to keep yourself hydrated and especially if you're drinking alcohol. If you drink as much water as you are of alcohol it can really help with your hangover too! 

Just as important as water is bottle caps. This may seem odd but when you're entering Oxegen, your bag is searched and any water bottles you have the bottle caps are taken off. They basically think 'how dare you bring water with you when you can buy our super expensive water at the festival.' I find this to be so so petty and highly irritating. But stick a few bottle caps in your pocket and when you get by security stick a new one on! Problem solved!

Tissues and wet wipes are a must especially when there is so much mud and those dreaded toilets. 

Sunscreen! Super important even if you think it's not going to be sunny you should be protecting your skin. I included Garnier's Dry Mist and their face sunscreen because I bought them recently! (which means the good weather will disappear :P)

Deodorant and wet wipes work very well together because if you're feeling super sweaty all you need to do is wipe and reapply your deodorant or simply, if you're smelling bad, reapply. 

Why do you need ponchos when you already have a raincoat, you ask? Well they're handy for two things, if you're too warm to wear your raincoat you can just slip one of these on especially if it's a sunny shower and you can use them to sit on. If you need to sit down at any point they're perfect at covering the muddy ground and if the ground is lumpy and uncomfortable put the poncho down and then your raincoat for extra padding and that way your raincoat doesn't get all mud! I recommend stocking up on them from eBay or online somewhere cheap because they do sell them at stupid prices at festivals. Or you could even bring bin bags! They're just as good and you can bring the roll with you.

And lastly a disposable camera! Now, when I went to Oxegen I did bring my phone and an oldish camera but my phone wasn't a super expensive one like my iPhone I have now. I would be terrified to bring my iPhone with me to be honest. So a disposable camera would be perfect! They have that great film look and you can get them developed after and have the photo prints. Something we don't really do anymore is print out our photos because everything goes online now. Even if you do bring your iPhone or some kind of camera, I still think it would be great to bring a disposable one for the fun!

And it is the end. I hope you enjoyed and got some tips! 
Don't forget to make sure and check out Kerrie's post for this week!
Can't wait to see what everyone else has done!
Let me know what you think :)
Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Let's Talk Blog Challenge - Aishling's Birthday Box

So it's week 3 of the #LetsTalkBlogChallenge and if you don't know what that is here's a quick explanation in the words of creator  Sarah's Blog.

So this is going to be a 6 week challenge, with a different topic each week that we'll write and tweet about. The plan is to write and schedule our posts for Monday at 8pm and then tweet our posts on twitter at that time, using the hashtag #LetsTalkBlogChallenge. That way every Monday at 8pm all our posts are live and we're all online to interact and share our posts with each other. I'll be online from 8-9pm every Monday, reading and commenting on all the posts and chatting to you all, just so there is a sense of community and interaction.

The topic for this week is; Create your own Birthday Box! This one was a lot of fun as I got to put together some of my most favourite things that I would love for my birthday!

Mainly I just ended up putting together some outfits and accessories! I hope you enjoy :)

Sure, Fine, Whatever.

I love The X-Files! Steve and I are currently re-watching the whole series. The "The Truth Is Out There" tee is from Etsy and that is actually the back of it but doesn't make it any less awesome and I badly need it! The socks are Halloween themed from Ebay which I thought fitted nicely! There is also some Mulder earrings in there along with some Chokers which are very 90s, some X Files pins, Teenage Scully artwork from Tumblr which I'm just in love with, The X Files season 10 comic and Slimer even though he's not X Files related he fitted too well not to include! :D

Next up I just decided to go with TV shows in general!


I slipped in some more X Files on the left which is teenage Scully and Mulder art! I just love Tumblr for that sort of thing! Those amazing skirts are from the same Etsy seller and they have many more awesome skirts that are so unique! I also put in some Pop! Funko figures of Beemo from Adventure Time and Arrested Development's Tobias. There is also an amazing Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation (which you need to be watching) pin of her eating a waffle, a Serenity (Firefly) comic, a little plush toy of Jesse from Breaking Bad and two t-shirts, one of Freaks and Geeks Bill and Hey Arnold! Ugh! I need them all! :D


There is a lot going on in this one so I won't go through everything!
I'll start with the "Happy Birthday Ya Filthy Animal" birthday card. It's from a brilliant Etsy artist, I just want to buy all of his work. This card is perfect because my birthday is in December and close to Christmas! The Ray Harryhausen Cyclops art print is also by the same artist. I already have an amazing Totoro bag but this one I just love also and you can't have enough Totoro bags I don't think :P In the middle, at the top there is two brooches, the top one is of Jafar from Aladdin and the heart shaped one is of Enid and Rebecca from Ghost World which is one of my favourite comics and movies. Also in there is the amazing Wes Anderson book I'm dying to get my hands on. Below it is a brooch with a quote from his film The Royal Tenenbaums. And lastly I have to mention the Tom Hiddleson hair bow. How can you not love that?! :D There is links for the rest of the awesome things! Be sure to check them out.

Birthday Box Wants

The top items are all from The Body Shop. My mother had some little bottles of Body Shop shower gels she got but wasn't using so I stole the Mango scented one and OMG it's amazing. I just love the smell of it. I'm nearly out of it now and was using it sparingly because I didn't want to stop using it! I will definitely have to buy it myself because it smells too good. Above is the Mango set from The Body Shop and I also found some Mango body mist which I hope smells the same because I'd use that everyday!
The rest of the products in the set are all Lush. I just love Lush but I've never actually use anything but their bath bombs and melts. I would love to try a face mask, moisturiser and eye cream from them.
Like I said before, my birthday is in December so at this time Lush will have their Christmas products out along with one of my all time favourite Lush bath bombs. The amazing Golden Wonder. They've just recently brought out this super cute Badger bath bomb. No idea what it smells like but I'm sure it's good! And lastly we have the Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb. No idea what that smells like either but I'm intrigued by its colours.

And that's all from me! I had lots of fun with this weeks challenge and can't wait to read everyone else's! Let me know what you think and if you'd like anything on the list for yourself!

Until my next blog post, thanks for reading!

Let's Talk Blog Challenge - Kerrie's Ultimate Birthday Box

It is week 3 of the #letstalkblogchallenge how fast is the time going?!  And this weeks topic is your fantasy birthday box.  

Normally I'm making this face upon being presented with Birthday Presents

But the Fantasy Birthday Box - It's all out Freaking on Oprah time :D

You can check out Sarah Hamersley's Blog or twitter @sarah_hamersley for all the details on this challenge.

My Ideal birthday box would be a mix of products, clothes, beauty, jewellery, food, homewares... So I've created a pinterest board to hold it all! 

You can take a look here and enjoy.  Let me know what's in your Fantasy Birthday Box too :)

Follow Kerrie O'Neill's board Fantasty Birthday Box! on Pinterest.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Very Berry Masque Review

I want to try and get into using face masks because I need to learn how to relax and I especially need something to help with my very dry skin. Some face masks can be very expensive so I started with the cheapest I could find which is the Montagne Jeunesse face masks. I bought 3 altogether but today we're talking about the Blueberry & Cranberry "Very Berry" Ultra Moisterising and Cleansing Masque.

The consistency is fairly thick but not too much but not so runny that it comes off your face. It stick very well. It was also kind of shiny, metallic even. There was also quite a lot of it so you'd actually get 2/3 uses out of it or two people could easily share!

It feels really cooling on the skin and I have to say I didn't really enjoy that very much because its not very warm here at the moment but if we get any warmer days I would really like it after being in the sun all day. The smell is nice but not my kind of smell. It was like a smoothie but there was also a stronger smell in there that I didn't really like.

It didn't do anything amazing to my skin if I'm being honest. Afterwards it was just like I had washed my face like I do regularly. It wasn't super smooth or even super moisturised. The only good thing about this mask is the cooling effect which will be great in the summer and the amount of uses you'll get out of it.

So overall it was pretty meh and worth the cheap price. It hasn't put me off using the others though but I don't think I'd buy this again.

Let me know what your favourite masks are even if they're really expensive or very cheap, especially if they're masks for dry and sensitive skin. I really want to try some out.

Have you used the Montagne Jeunesse masks yourself? Let me know if you have and what you thought or if you done a review yourself, link me!

Thanks for reading! :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Aishling's Recently Purchased #1

Hey all! So I've been really enjoying blogging lately especially doing the Let's Talk Blog Challenge! It's really made me get my mind into gear and put some effort into blogging! I've gotten Lush reviews up, we got the Spring Tag done and have changed Music Monday to Tune Tuesday! I thought I'd start a Recently Purchased section which I've been actually meaning to do for awhile now. We won't have one up every week or maybe even every month because it will depend on when and if we actually buy things! But I hope its regular though. Buy ALL the things! ;)

First up is Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Toner Mousse in Ice Platinum and Essence "All About Sunrise" eyeshadow palette.

I have only recently bleached my naturally very dark hair and badly needed a toner to get rid of those awful yellow brassy tones. This Toner Mousse is new from Schwarzkopf and is ready to apply. It comes out in a mousse which is kind of light purple colour and actually smells nice. I will have a review of this up sometime soon so keep an eye out.

This Essence palette, along with the 3 others in the same line, was recommended by Siobhan from Letz Make Up in a video she put up here. In the video she is wearing the yellow that's in this palette and is the reason I bought this one first! I didn't get to use any of the colours yet, bar the lightest one on the top left. I really like it but keep in mind they're very shimmery which I don't mind up others might! I will also have a review of this up soon.

Next up is Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick in Dark Night Waterl-oops! which I actually had before but misplaced it so I repurchased it. I love love love the colour and its super moisterising for someone who has very dry lips. It does bleed a bit though and I find you need to put some concealer around the edges of your lips just to keep it in place. Overall I love it though.

Models Own nail varnish in Flip Flop is an amazing, AMAZING, neon green. I was instantly in love with it when I saw it. Haven't tried it yet and this is my first Models Own nail varnish I've purchased so expect a review!

I purchased a really cheap phone case in EuroGiant because my current awesome phone case is falling apart :( I have a fake leather case that is a flip one like this but the front of it is transparent. I have looked everywhere for a similar one but can't find a transparent front on any flip cases. *sigh* So I settled for this phone case for now. I do like it but I'm not mad on it and it feels super cheap so it won't last long! Need to get a good quality one asap!

I was looking for these Montagne Jeunesse face masks everywhere! It was like when I actually wanted to try them I couldn't find them anywhere but then while on a visit to Penneys in Mullingar I found some! I picked out the ones that said moisturising as I have very dry skin. I'm planning on using them soon so a review will for sure follow.

And lastly! When Steve and I visit Mullingar we usually stop into a charity shop that mostly has teddies. I have so many odd teddies because of it haha! This time we went in to look at other things and not the teddies. Stay away from the teddies. Steve spotted the Supernatural Murders book which we obviously had to get! He also spotted the furry leopard box and bought it for me when he was buying the book! It was a nice surprise and it's super cute and soft!

That's all my recently purchased items for now! Like I said on most of the products I will have reviews of each of them soon so be sure to follow for updates!

Anything here you like the look of? What have you bought recently?
Thanks so much for reading! :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lush Review - Golden Egg

Golden Egg is a strange one. When I bought it I was sure it was a bath bomb but when it came time to use it, I dropped it into the water and... nothing. It done nothing. Then I realised it was probably a bath melt which would have to be crumbled under hot water while you fill the bath. I had already filled the bath and had no hot water left to crumble a bath melt. I was annoyed and just started to rub it in the warm water hoping it would crumble when all of a sudden it started to foam. I was confused but got into the bath anyway and left it to continue to foam. When I looked it up after it's actually part bath melt, part bath bomb. You just let it melt in the bath and then it starts foaming. I probably should have done my research before using it. But it worked out ok in the end! It foams for a long time so you get a nice long bath out of it.

The top layer of glitters comes off pretty quick but the whole time it foams it releases some very fine bits of glitter into the bath. It turns the water into a gold colour but to be honest it really just looks like pee :P But when you look closely you can see the glitter so it starts looking less like pee then.

The Lush website says it has a honey-toffee fragrance. I'm trying to remember but I don't think when I smelt it I would have thought of honey and toffee. There was definitely a warm smell like toffee but after that it was quite citrisy I thought. Could just be the one I got anyhow! Regardless it still smelt amazing! It also has cocoa butter which makes the water nice and soft and it leaves your skin nice and moisturised.

If the glitter is putting you off the only thing you have to do is rinse the bath after so you don't need to be too scared. I love glitter and was hoping it would stay on me like Golden Wonder but sadly it didn't.

Overall I really liked this and would buy again!
Have you used this before yourself? Let me know what you thought of it! :)