Thursday, May 8, 2014

Aishling's Recently Purchased #1

Hey all! So I've been really enjoying blogging lately especially doing the Let's Talk Blog Challenge! It's really made me get my mind into gear and put some effort into blogging! I've gotten Lush reviews up, we got the Spring Tag done and have changed Music Monday to Tune Tuesday! I thought I'd start a Recently Purchased section which I've been actually meaning to do for awhile now. We won't have one up every week or maybe even every month because it will depend on when and if we actually buy things! But I hope its regular though. Buy ALL the things! ;)

First up is Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Toner Mousse in Ice Platinum and Essence "All About Sunrise" eyeshadow palette.

I have only recently bleached my naturally very dark hair and badly needed a toner to get rid of those awful yellow brassy tones. This Toner Mousse is new from Schwarzkopf and is ready to apply. It comes out in a mousse which is kind of light purple colour and actually smells nice. I will have a review of this up sometime soon so keep an eye out.

This Essence palette, along with the 3 others in the same line, was recommended by Siobhan from Letz Make Up in a video she put up here. In the video she is wearing the yellow that's in this palette and is the reason I bought this one first! I didn't get to use any of the colours yet, bar the lightest one on the top left. I really like it but keep in mind they're very shimmery which I don't mind up others might! I will also have a review of this up soon.

Next up is Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick in Dark Night Waterl-oops! which I actually had before but misplaced it so I repurchased it. I love love love the colour and its super moisterising for someone who has very dry lips. It does bleed a bit though and I find you need to put some concealer around the edges of your lips just to keep it in place. Overall I love it though.

Models Own nail varnish in Flip Flop is an amazing, AMAZING, neon green. I was instantly in love with it when I saw it. Haven't tried it yet and this is my first Models Own nail varnish I've purchased so expect a review!

I purchased a really cheap phone case in EuroGiant because my current awesome phone case is falling apart :( I have a fake leather case that is a flip one like this but the front of it is transparent. I have looked everywhere for a similar one but can't find a transparent front on any flip cases. *sigh* So I settled for this phone case for now. I do like it but I'm not mad on it and it feels super cheap so it won't last long! Need to get a good quality one asap!

I was looking for these Montagne Jeunesse face masks everywhere! It was like when I actually wanted to try them I couldn't find them anywhere but then while on a visit to Penneys in Mullingar I found some! I picked out the ones that said moisturising as I have very dry skin. I'm planning on using them soon so a review will for sure follow.

And lastly! When Steve and I visit Mullingar we usually stop into a charity shop that mostly has teddies. I have so many odd teddies because of it haha! This time we went in to look at other things and not the teddies. Stay away from the teddies. Steve spotted the Supernatural Murders book which we obviously had to get! He also spotted the furry leopard box and bought it for me when he was buying the book! It was a nice surprise and it's super cute and soft!

That's all my recently purchased items for now! Like I said on most of the products I will have reviews of each of them soon so be sure to follow for updates!

Anything here you like the look of? What have you bought recently?
Thanks so much for reading! :)


  1. Oooh the leopard print box :O So nice! And so cute he bought it as a surprise for you! Any chance he could train my Steve to be so thoughtful? Haha!

    That lipstick looks lovely. A hot chocolate face mask? Does it actually get hot? Does it actually smell like hot chocolate? Is it edible? Hurry up and use it, I have so many questions haha! :D

  2. I want a furry leopard print box! and I like that lipsticks!

  3. Haha! I don't think you can train them! They have to think of it themselves which is very rare :P ;)

    Yes the hot chocolate mask gets hot! I have no idea what it smells like yet! I will be using it at the weekend. I used the Very Berry one which wasn't super amazing. I will have a review up tomorrow.

  4. Nao! You not getting either :P