Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tune Tuesday - Aishling's Picks

I have moved Music Monday to Tune Tuesday for the moment. Because both me and Kerrie are doing the Let's Talk Blog Challenge which has to be posted on a Monday. I didn't want to be posting too many things on the same day. So I've moved music to Tuesday's until the challenge is over :)

Now on to the musics!

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound

I first watched this video because Aubrey Plaza is in it! I really like her in the awesome tv show Parks and Recreation and the films Safety Not Guaranteed and Scott Pilgram vs The World. It also stars Jake Johnson best known for being in New Girl (I've never watched it but that's what I know him from too!) He was also in Safety Not Guaranteed! The video is good but the song really grew on me! I really like it now and have to listen to more stuff my JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound. I especially like it for the good weather. Nice and summery!

Childish Gambino - Sweatpants ft. Problem

I am obsessed. OBSESSED. With this song and the next song I'm going to post from Childish Gambino. I saw the gifs of this video on tumblr and looked to see what new stuff he has and I have not stopped playing this album Because The Internet since. Especially these two songs. I'm playing this song on repeat as I write this. SO GOOD.

Childish Gambino - 3005

Onto the second song by Childish Gambino that I'm obsessed with. I listened to this right after Sweatpants and I love it just as much. The video is real good so be sure to watch it. It's sad and kinda creepy. (Pay attention to the people behind him.)

Mos Def - Close Edge

I started listening to Mos Def awhile back and OBSESSED I became. This song I heard before on Dave Chapelle's Show and it's amazing. He raps it while in the car. You can hear the album version here which is much better quality but I put up this one of them in the car cos it's just amazing.

Mos Def - Do It Now

I'm going to give you another Mos Def. This is what made me remember Close Edge and listen to more of his stuff. This song is crazy good and I loved it straight away and knew I was missing out. WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG. Listen now and don't make the same mistake I did.

FIDLAR - Cocaine

Not going to lie, I only watched this because Nick Offerman is in it with a beard. If you don't know who Nick Offerman is, you should. He plays Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation (along side Aubrey Plaza!) and is amazing and totally steals the whole show. When I listened to this though I instantly loved the music. Very punk and very awesome. The video btw is very NSFW! But funny :P I then found out they have a video with Henry Rollins in it and that was it, I'm officially a fan if Henry is around. The video is made up of anti-drug ads.

Enslaved - Thought Like Hammers

Look at all those hairy lads there. Steve will be so proud of me for ending with this :P I really like this song and unbeknown to Steve I have been listening to this song a few times. When I first listened to Enslaved I wasn't too fond of the growly vocals but love the clean vocals. But Mr. Growly Vocals has grown on me. I especially like this song because of the parts with the clean vocals sound very like The Doves or Elbow or someone like that. It's very odd but excellent.

That's all from me!
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  1. Until like a week ago, I didn't realise that Childish Gambino and Donald Glover were the same person! I thought he was just in their videos like how Robert Downey Jr was in an Elton John video miming the words! Felt a bit of a fool when I found out it was actually him! Really like those songs :)

  2. I've just realised this now thanks :o me slow :P

  3. Haha yes! He is the same person :P It was a bit of a shock at first when I discovered him because I'm so used to him as Troy in Community!

  4. LOL! Did it confuse you too?! :P