Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Let's Talk Blog Challenge - Kerrie's Wedding Day Survival Guide

So it's week 4 of the #LetsTalkBlogChallenge and if you don't know what that is here's a quick explanation in the words of creator  Sarah's Blog. 

So this is going to be a 6 week challenge, with a different topic each week that we'll write and tweet about. The plan is to write and schedule our posts for Monday at 8pm and then tweet our posts on twitter at that time, using the hashtag #LetsTalkBlogChallengeThat way every Monday at 8pm all our posts are live and we're all online to interact and share our posts with each other. I'll be online from 8-9pm every Monday, reading and commenting on all the posts and chatting to you all, just so there is a sense of community and interaction.

This post is a sort of tips style post with 4 options- A First Date Survival Guide, A Wedding Day Survival Guide, A Night Out Survival Guide or A Festival Survival Guide.

I have chosen 'A Wedding Day Survival Guide' because I'm going to be attending a wedding this summer and I hope I have covered all bases!  
Obviously this is personal to me, it'll be interesting to read what other people feel is essential to surviving Wedding day preperations, participation and tribulations! :D 

First things first you're gonna need an outfit, to me this will be the main challenge - what the heck do I wear!  I want something that's comforable, suits my shape and looks pretty!  As it's summer time, I want something I'm not gonna be over heating in, shoes that don't hurt (too much) and not too high of a heel because the ability to walk is important to me! 
Along with that some nice accessories to tie it all together.

I've picked some things polyvore I would choose for a summer wedding outfit.

Outfit Option

Next are preperations, hair, make up and skin if you are wearing a dress or something sleeveless etc, I think it's a good idea to prep your skin, lots of moisturiser in the week before to get it looking nice.  


A lot of people are gonna go for fake tan, I'm not a fake tanner but I might delve into a bit of tinted lotion such as the dove summer glow.

Nails - I want nice nails to compliment my outfit I will choose a colour and probably do this myself but if you wanna splash out on a manicure that would be perfect too.  Dont forget the toes if you're wearing peep toes shoes!

Hair - This a biggie, do you need to get it coloured?  Make sure to do that in advance, you don't want to risk flipping dye marks around your scalp on the big day if you're dark haired!
Then it's all about the styling, are you going to book your do on the day or DIY?

Make Up - I'll be applying my own, I'll use a face primer and an eye shadow primer paired with long lasting foundations and eyeshadow that will not require touch ups.  I'll carry a concealer in my bag along with cotton buds for any touch ups if required.  My mascara will last all day and a long lasting eyeliner (both smudge and water proof) so I don't need to bring that along.  I will apply a moisturising lippie/gloss that I can re- apply through the day but won't wear badly or cause my lips to dry out and look yuck!
I'll apply a setting spray and that should help things last all day and night.

Wedding essentials

What's in my handbag?
  • Money
  • Camera - digital and disposable for fun :)
  • Phone fully charged ;)
  • Make Up etc - powder, concealer, lipstick, cotton buds, lip balm, small pack tissues
  • Plasters and Painkillers
  • Hair clips, small can or hair spray/gel/dry shampoo of your hair is likely to need it
  • Mini deodorant
  • A safety pin is always a great thing to carry in case of wardrobe malfunctions

Thanks for reading and let me know if you did this challenge!


  1. Great post, those shoes are so cute!

  2. The little blue shoes :O So nice! And I had never seen that dress on ASOS before but might go look for it now!

    Painkillers and plasters are definitely a must. I always forget them though and end up in some form of pain by the end of the night haha!

    A safety pin is a good shout actually. I'm liable to over do it on the dancefloor and rip a stitch! :D xx

  3. Missed this post last week. Love the outfit you picked, definitely the perfect choice for a summer wedding but you could get so much wear out of it after the wedding too. So important to prep skin well in advance wit loads of moisturiser (whether you're wearing tan or not) and a setting spray for makeup is a must on a wedding day as you never know you'll want you in a picture and you need to be looking your best at all times ;)