Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lush Review - Golden Egg

Golden Egg is a strange one. When I bought it I was sure it was a bath bomb but when it came time to use it, I dropped it into the water and... nothing. It done nothing. Then I realised it was probably a bath melt which would have to be crumbled under hot water while you fill the bath. I had already filled the bath and had no hot water left to crumble a bath melt. I was annoyed and just started to rub it in the warm water hoping it would crumble when all of a sudden it started to foam. I was confused but got into the bath anyway and left it to continue to foam. When I looked it up after it's actually part bath melt, part bath bomb. You just let it melt in the bath and then it starts foaming. I probably should have done my research before using it. But it worked out ok in the end! It foams for a long time so you get a nice long bath out of it.

The top layer of glitters comes off pretty quick but the whole time it foams it releases some very fine bits of glitter into the bath. It turns the water into a gold colour but to be honest it really just looks like pee :P But when you look closely you can see the glitter so it starts looking less like pee then.

The Lush website says it has a honey-toffee fragrance. I'm trying to remember but I don't think when I smelt it I would have thought of honey and toffee. There was definitely a warm smell like toffee but after that it was quite citrisy I thought. Could just be the one I got anyhow! Regardless it still smelt amazing! It also has cocoa butter which makes the water nice and soft and it leaves your skin nice and moisturised.

If the glitter is putting you off the only thing you have to do is rinse the bath after so you don't need to be too scared. I love glitter and was hoping it would stay on me like Golden Wonder but sadly it didn't.

Overall I really liked this and would buy again!
Have you used this before yourself? Let me know what you thought of it! :)


  1. Oh it's so so pretty! Many a time I've gotten something from Lush and forgotten what it's use was lol but at least it turned out okay for you. Great review xx

  2. Yes happens to me so many times lol! I have to look them up to make sure I'm using them right!
    Thank you and thanks for the comment! :D