Sunday, November 24, 2013

Update! Failness + Sickness

So the photo challenge was a complete fail for me. I was super super annoyed and frustrated with myself. Especially since in the post I said about always failing those type of challenges and here I am. I pretty much got sick straight away when the month started and couldn't get out and about to take the photos or especially take photos of myself while being sick. I'm extremely disappointed because at the start I was so excited about doing it but then sickness had to stop me.

Oh well...

Instead of deleting the blog post about the challenge I'm going to leave it for future Novembers or if anyone is looking for theme inspiration for their own challenges.

I was thinking of starting one in December to make up for it but to be honest I can't promise that because I'm still very sick and have no idea how much longer it will last. Instead I might pick some days and do a sort of day in the life photo post like I see some other bloggers doing. But again I can't promise anything.

I hope I am better soon so I can actually complete a challenge and so I can do some more YouTube videos I'm planning.

I will get back to blogging though soon and would have blogged recently had I not been so sick and annoyed with myself!

Watch this space for more updates anyhow! I hope I can be forgiven and everyone understands!

Thanks for reading :)

PS. I will have my monthly instagram post up at the end of the month even though I really didn't take that much and they're mostly of Merle! Haha! :D