Thursday, October 25, 2012

Etsy Finds #3: Halloween Special

Two wonderfully evil women from awesome films.

Also love the Skeleton Hand hair clips!

All by vontrash

I have no idea which one I want more. Just too awesome!

Woodcut Spooky Pin by AnOldSchoolGhoul

Be sure to check their shop for other awesome spooky pins.

 Beetlejuice Handbook for the Recently Deceased iPhone Hard Case by LuckybrewDesigns

Beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice! One of the most awesomest and unusual things I found on Etsy! :D

Hope you enjoyed that Halloween Special of Etsy's things I found. You can find all my favourites here :)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WINNER! Tickets to Mind Body Spirit Festival...

**UPDATE**  Guys Alice has failed to get in touch so I'm going to pick another winner to insure someone gets those tickets. picked number 21 - That's Joanne Ryan :) Congrats Joanne and I'll be in touch.

There were 22 entries and I put them into, it selected post number 3

The winner is

*******alice myers*******

Alice can you contact me at with your postal details and I'll get those out to you asap.  Congrats and Enjoy!
Thanks to everyone who entered and we hope to have some more comps in the future so watch this space!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


About once a month I'll discover a new Youtube Channel I like, my subscriptions are mostly make up gurus, Vlogs, hauls and some funnies.  I also like seeing videos of peoples grocery shopping for some weird reason!  What I really don't like is people that say 'like' every two seconds :P
Here are a few of my faves, the ones I watch regularly.  What are your favourites?  Or your most hated?

I'll start off with the ubiquitous Pixiwoo's! I think everybody knows them at this stage, they would have been the first make up tutorials I watched on youtube.  Sam is my favourite, they are both really nice and very good at what they do, but I prefer Sams looks and personality :) I've watched nearly every Pixiwoo video (including pixiwoo madness channel!)
and Pixiwoo Madness

Next, Beauty Broadcast by emilynoel83. She is an American TV newscaster and I have to say I judged her before I watched and thought oh noes another run of the mill american 'like awesome' vlogger. NO I was wrong! She is great, she speaks very well and is so good at reviewing products, which I love, getting to see all those american products we can't get or cannot afford!  And the make up looks she does are lovely and easy to follow.

Other make up ladies I like are Simone Gannon, The Make Up Chair and NikkieTutorials - the quality is really good on her camera for seeing the make up and application close up and in detail. 
A new lady I found is meghantonjes. She came to my attention via this vid 

All I can say is, yep, yep and yep! I get this and she is awesome and she can say like and use it in the proper way and she is cool.  Subscribed!

Katie Puckrik Smells - Hell yeah she does! but she does not stink, I can't tell you why I like this, I mean I cannot even smell the smellys but there is something relaxing about her videos.  Also I was watching this and my boyfriend said - oh is that THE Katie Puckrik?  Yep I didn't know she was somebody :P
Here she is reviewing my Favourite perfume (I only got a sample sniff :( )

The Kandee Johnson Show, she also has her regular KandeeJohnson Channel. But I like the hauls in the Kandee Johnson Show.  

She also does hair as well as make up which is really good.  OH and here's the first vid I saw her do - Ziggy Stardust.

And I'll end it with Djflula

Gimme some recommendations for new stuff peoples!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The 100 and Win Tickets to Mind Body Spirit Dublin

Two exciting bits of news today.  First up, you may or may not of heard of 'the 100', in short it's a year long photography project, whereby 100 different people across the world aged between 1-100 are given a disposable camera and asked to capture one week in their life.  The photos will then be published online.
The project is curated by Matthew Knight, founder of the disposable memory project.  So why the excitement?  Well out of 13000 applicants worldwide, I got picked to be number 27!! Woop!  You can see my profile here, I'm waiting now on the camera to arrive.  Cannot wait to get started, if you have a look here there are some great photos and it's a nice insight into other people lives.

Secondly - We have our first GIVEAWAY!!

Myself and Ash are going to the Mind Body Spirit Festival. and thanks to the organisers we have one pair of tickets to give away, the festival takes place in the RDS October 27-29.

To win, just leave a comment and we'll pick a winner using  Comp closes Midnight Monday 22 October 2012.

-NOTE : If you're replying anonymously could you send an email with your postal details to so I can contact you if you win!  Thankies!

Good Luck!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Fun!

There are lots of fun & spooky things to do in Ireland this Halloween, here are a few of my favourites.

Virginia Pumpkin Festival 2012
Takes place in Virginia Co. Cavan 25-29 October.  Where you can go on a haunted Forest Walk! Prepare to meet ghosties, ghouls and witches, plus snacks will be provided - what more could you ask for!  See the site for all the details.  They also have a fancy dress ball, apparently 2000 people will be dressed up for the occasion, making it Irelands largest fancy dress, if you're not content with opportunity to dress up, you could win one of over €2000 worth of prizes! There will be a parade and fireworks and an artisan food fare.
Don't forget the Giant Pumpkin weigh-in!

Bram Stoker Festival
Takes place in Dublin 26-28 October 2012.  Celebrating the life and work of Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula.  You can see the earliest inscribed copy of Dracula at the exhibition in The Little Museum on St. Stephens Green.  Listen to chilling vampire and horror stories underground in Christchurchs' Gothic Crypt.  Learn all about Bats (alas only for kids :() The Long Hub in Trinity will be the location for a discussion on what our fascionation with all things vampire is about.  The play 'Stoker' uses Victoriana, special effects and an origional score to tell the story of Bram on stage at the Samuel Beckett Theatre.
Then treat yourself to a scare at meeting house square and watch Nosferatu with a live soundtrack played by 3epkano.  Finally the Spraoi Theatre Group re-create 19th Century Dublin and you are encouraged to wear Victorian or horror inspired clothes!

Held at Causy Farm Co. Meath.  This year they have a Zombie Morgue which sounds awesome! There's also a haunted house and a canyon of carnage (they've done well with the names!) and who doesn't want to go into the house of horrors! This is part of the Spirits of Meath Festival there are loads of events listed and some with a warning that it may be too much for younger people so that's the one i'd go for!

Belvedere Scarecrow Festival
Here you get to make a Scarecrow and have it displayed at Belvedere House and Gardens where it will be judged by a panel and there is a 'peoples choice award' there are several catagories so kids can enter, groups or individuals and prizes include a rozette, belvedere passes and bowling prizes :)  I soooo wanna do this! plus if you enter you get a free 2day pass to the House and gardens.

Happy Hallowe'en!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OOTD: Orange

Orange you glad to see me!

Cardigan: Yours Clothing
Top: Wallis - A gift from my Aunt
Jeans: Heatons again
Shoes: Converse Littlewoods again

Necklace: Balloon! From Ebay
Ring: I don't remember! but it's prettay :D

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mind Your Self

The Mind, Body and Spirit Festival takes place in the RDS on October 27-29.  It's spread out over 3 days and features guest lectures on mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. I'm really interested in the mental side (that sounds funny!) I think a lot of us tent to get quite stressed these days and if we paid more attention to mental wellness we can live a better life.

So here is what I'd be most interested in at the festival;

Positive Psychology Skills: Character Strengths & Values – Michaela Avlund €8 
Psychology has made a shift to the development of positive skills that help build up resilience. Spiritual fitness depends on being able to identify core values, having access to resources that facilitates the practice of these in times of adversity and being able to experience a connectedness with other people.

I am guilty, as are lots of people I know, of focusing on the negative rather than the positive in life.  This is a habit which takes a lot of work to break so I'd be interested to hear what this speaker has to say. The above is listed as a paid workshop but I spot another by the same speaker for those of us on a tighter budget!

Positive Psychology – Michaela Avlund 
Gratitude energises and leads to kindness. Learned optimism facilitates positive relationships with other people while physical activity can help combat depression. These positive life skills can help us to flourish in our daily lives.

Okay I've heard of Yoga and the more intense forms but this one sounds awesome; 

Laughter Yoga – Michelle Major 
Laughter Yoga combines the concept of ‘laughing for no reason’ with Yogic breathing (Pranayama). Laughter Yoga shows us how to manage the stress in our lives in a positive fun way! Unconditional laughter strenghtens our immune system, reduces the stress hormone, is a natural pain-killer, and can make us feel and look younger – the natural botox!

^Totally want to try that out!

Followed by some Reflexology, relaxing if nothing else; 
Reflexology for Better Health  – Sr Brega Whelan 
Reflexology is a holistic therapy which promotes and maintaingood health and releases blockages of energy. It is also helpful for skin related problems, insomnia, anxiety, digestive problems. Reflexology can change your life/health.

Now there are lots of things at the fest I don't necessarily believe in or I think are down right silly but man I would go in for a bit of Dousing - just for the fun!  Crystals that have powers?  I'm not so sure but they are super pretty and are bound to make you feel good by looking at them.  And Past Life Regression, OMG remember that programme on tv? It was with Philip Schofield, I used to watch it with my mother the womans' voice was so funny :D  
Yes I want to try all of these things for the fun :D

Going back to more serious issues, I do believe the mind has huge influence over the body so this is of great interest to me;

How Your Mind Can heal Your Body – Dr David Hamilton   
Learn how believe heals and how visualization impacts the brain and can target specific parts of the body. David will also share evidence for  the effects of meditation on the brain and body and how attitude affects the heart and blood vessels. Best -selling author, David’s talks are world famous. he appears regularly in the media.

How to Think Less for Serenity and Success Using CALM – Sandy Newbigging €8 
CALM offers techniques that allow you to let go of the constant chatter in your mind. In doing so, CALM can help you to worry less, sleep better, improve your relationships and feel more confident. Sandy will give guidance on how to use CALM in the most effective and enjoyable way.

I can't be the only one who has felt I can't stop thinking! It can ruin your sleep and make you forgetful during the day.  It would be great to get some tips on how to avoid that.
Do have a look through all the lectures and workshops listed and see if anything appeals to you.  It's not too expensive for one day but out of my budget for a 2 or 3 day pass

Admission: 1 day pass- €12.  2 day pass- €20.  3 day pass- €30
Last update 26th September 2012- |Lectures are free (45 mins)|Workshops €8
All workshops and lectures are on a first come first served basis.


OOTD: Neutral

I look like I'm about to be shot here!
 Top: From my Aunty! (From TK Maxx I think) the brand is Culture
Jeans: Old from Heatons
Shoes: Converse bought from Littlewoods Ireland

Back detail: Buttons down the back (Ignore green bra :P)

Necklace: A gift from Mother! It's from Wallis
Bracelet: Penneys (Primark)
Ring: I think it was from Evans

Make Up:
Stilla Powder Foundation
HD brow powder
Collection 2000 Shimmer and Shade
Elf Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips
Blink Mascara
Make Up Forever La Boheme Pallette - colour payoff is not good

Okay thanks bye!

Monday, October 8, 2012

OOTD: Green and Black

T-Shirt: Mastodon
Black Skinny Jeans: So Fabulous, Littlewoods
(more about these awesome shoes coming soon in a post)

 Glow in the Dark Alien Earrings: Far Out Alien Earrings by WalkingGraffiti on Etsy

Robot Hand Necklace: gift from my boyfriend.

Skull Bracelet:  Can't remember where I got it but google "colourful skull bracelet" and lots of places are selling them now.

These shoes are the best thing ever! Blog post about them coming soon. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Etsy Finds #2

Even more Etsy Finds! Here are just some of the most recent awesome jewelery and bits and bobs that I've come across on Etsy. You can find all my favourites here :)

Supernatural is back with season 8! Yay! I think this is something every Supernatural fan needs to get.

I am in love with this ring. Its just beautiful! And who doesn't like goats? :P 

Still loving all beetle related jewelery. As the description says "almost like in Moonrise Kingdom".

I'm re-watching season 2 of The X Files so I had to include something related to the awesome show.

And I'll leave you with this, couldn't be any truer, patch :P