Thursday, October 18, 2012


About once a month I'll discover a new Youtube Channel I like, my subscriptions are mostly make up gurus, Vlogs, hauls and some funnies.  I also like seeing videos of peoples grocery shopping for some weird reason!  What I really don't like is people that say 'like' every two seconds :P
Here are a few of my faves, the ones I watch regularly.  What are your favourites?  Or your most hated?

I'll start off with the ubiquitous Pixiwoo's! I think everybody knows them at this stage, they would have been the first make up tutorials I watched on youtube.  Sam is my favourite, they are both really nice and very good at what they do, but I prefer Sams looks and personality :) I've watched nearly every Pixiwoo video (including pixiwoo madness channel!)
and Pixiwoo Madness

Next, Beauty Broadcast by emilynoel83. She is an American TV newscaster and I have to say I judged her before I watched and thought oh noes another run of the mill american 'like awesome' vlogger. NO I was wrong! She is great, she speaks very well and is so good at reviewing products, which I love, getting to see all those american products we can't get or cannot afford!  And the make up looks she does are lovely and easy to follow.

Other make up ladies I like are Simone Gannon, The Make Up Chair and NikkieTutorials - the quality is really good on her camera for seeing the make up and application close up and in detail. 
A new lady I found is meghantonjes. She came to my attention via this vid 

All I can say is, yep, yep and yep! I get this and she is awesome and she can say like and use it in the proper way and she is cool.  Subscribed!

Katie Puckrik Smells - Hell yeah she does! but she does not stink, I can't tell you why I like this, I mean I cannot even smell the smellys but there is something relaxing about her videos.  Also I was watching this and my boyfriend said - oh is that THE Katie Puckrik?  Yep I didn't know she was somebody :P
Here she is reviewing my Favourite perfume (I only got a sample sniff :( )

The Kandee Johnson Show, she also has her regular KandeeJohnson Channel. But I like the hauls in the Kandee Johnson Show.  

She also does hair as well as make up which is really good.  OH and here's the first vid I saw her do - Ziggy Stardust.

And I'll end it with Djflula

Gimme some recommendations for new stuff peoples!

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