Monday, May 12, 2014

Let's Talk Blog Challenge - Kerrie's Ultimate Birthday Box

It is week 3 of the #letstalkblogchallenge how fast is the time going?!  And this weeks topic is your fantasy birthday box.  

Normally I'm making this face upon being presented with Birthday Presents

But the Fantasy Birthday Box - It's all out Freaking on Oprah time :D

You can check out Sarah Hamersley's Blog or twitter @sarah_hamersley for all the details on this challenge.

My Ideal birthday box would be a mix of products, clothes, beauty, jewellery, food, homewares... So I've created a pinterest board to hold it all! 

You can take a look here and enjoy.  Let me know what's in your Fantasy Birthday Box too :)

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  1. That lamp! I love it so much. Your post made me laugh with those gifs. Great one.

  2. That bowl is so nice! I love the butterfly in the inside! That lamp though! :-o
    I just recently saw someone post the peanut butter M&M's! There is also Almond M&Ms and Coconut ones!!!
    I want that Creative Colouring book! Hours of fun :D
    And I'm gonna get those Doc Martens too :P
    I love all your picks!!!
    Bring me too Paris as well :P

    I wall all them M&M there are birthday cake and red velvet ones too :O
    Paris is all for meeeeeeee I might bring you if you bake me a cake ;)

  4. Thank you! It's such an awesome lamp :)

  5. Doing it on Pinterest is such a good idea :O

    Oh my god that freaking Balm Jovi palette is going to be mine soon if I have to kill someone. If I can have anything Bon Jovi related on my face, I'm going to do it. Hahahahaha!

    That lamp is gorgeous! And those Doc Martens. Wow wow :D And the Alex drawers! I think we all want those, and enough make up to fill them too of course :)

  6. Gorgeous choices love the look of everything!