Thursday, January 31, 2013

And... We're back!

After a rather long hiatus we're back to blogging, well I am, meanwhile Ash is busy moving house and has no interwebs connection so I get to update the blog all by myself muhahha :D 

I have lots to cover over the coming year, including some follow up posts on items we mentioned last year.  To tie up loose ends, today I'm going to talk about the Mind, Body Spirit Festival I attended in October 2012.  It's taken me quite a while to write a follow up that's because I wanted to forget it to be blunt!  I really did not enjoy it.  I did get free tickets from the organiser on promise of reviewing the 'festival', I really was looking forward to attending hoping to find offerings of alternative therapies and ways of life, some inspiration, discussions and information about healthy living.  
What I found was; a lot of charlatans preying on desperate people.  People suffering, physically or mentally looking for something, anything to cure their ills, to make life a little easier.  Maybe I'm an eternal cynic, maybe it was nothing like that, I chose to see what I wanted, people attend because what's on offer is what they want, supply and demand... These are the arguments I guess organisers, exhibitorss and the people who enjoyed the event may counter with.  
I trust my gut however, I value honesty above all else and I don't believe there was a lot of honesty among some of the exhibitors and speakers at this event.  I walked out on one of the 'lectures', I attended with my mother who has suffered with a particular illness, we sat through a bunch of crap from a so called 'guru' until we could take no more.  The saddest part of it was that there were people hanging on to his every word who obviously needed something to get them through.  Or the queues of women (it was mostly women) lining up to hand over €50 to a psychic.  To think of them now makes me sad, I hope they have found some relief but I doubt with any thanks to psychics or so called gurus.  
For something that I expected to soothe the soul, it's ironic that I left enraged and disgusted.  I'm not going to speak at length about the specific exhibitors I didn't like because I believe in not giving things that anger you too much of your time.
I did however buy some lovely scented melt's called little hotties from bomb cosmetics!  That was the highlight of the day.  

This event is happening again in March in Dublin, they have a facebook page if you are still interested tickets are around €12 but when I attended there were a lot of people trying to offload free tickets - something to bear in mind before shelling out.

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