Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: Collection 2000 Felt Tip Liner & Eyeko Lengthening Mascara

I bought Collection 2000's Extreme 24 hour Felt Tip Liner awhile ago and didn't get around to using it. I decided today to give it a try. They come in a few colours (purple, green, black and blue) and I bought the purple one in Boots for very cheap, as most Collection 2000 products are at a great price. I think Boots had a deal, if you bought two Collection 2000 products you got the Felt Liner free or something like that. Anyhow I have some photos here of it. Please excuse my eyebrows, I'm growing them out at the moment and I know the liner line isn't perfect. I'm not the best at applying pen liner or liner in general but I am getting better at it.

I also have Eyeko's Lengthening Skinny Brush Mascara and oh my I love this. In all the photos below you can see it. It's not clumpy, separates the eyelashes well and the wand is a great size for both top and bottom lashes.

Liner: The colour is great. In darker light it looks like a deep purple but in bright or natural light it looks a lovely purple just like in the above photo.

Mascara: The only fault I would give this mascara is it doesn't hold up the lashes great but it does an awesome job at separating, lengthening and defining your lashes and as you can see no clumps!

I thought I was also include a photo of what it would look like if you wear glasses. I wear glasses all the time and find winged liner great for making my eyes stand out. You can't really see in this photo but the inside, along the edges of my glasses are green so it really makes the purple pop! Also purple is soooo good at making Hazel/Brown eyes stand out!

As you can see in the darker light its a more deep purple.

I should mention, along with the Mascara you get a pink guitar shaped pick (just like the logo on the product) that you can use as a guard for protecting around your eyes when you're applying the mascara! Pretty good idea!


The wand isn't plastic, it's a brush which I think makes it so good. It grabs onto your lashes much better and separates. The size is perfect too cos you can apply some mascara lightly or give a few coats to build it up.


The liner has a really nice tip and is easy enough to apply. Again I'm not used to applying with a pen (I use a brush) but for a first time I have to say it was quick and applies great. It gives a matte look and not really a wet one. I will see later how long it lasts, if its smudge proof and if its easy to remove. I did swatch it on my hand when I first got it and it took days to fade! I have concealer and a very light eyeshadow underneath so its not direct to my skin and should remove easy, hopefully!

I will definitely be purchasing the other colours and think this will be my everyday look (well the days I put on make up) for awhile now! Also can't wait to try it with some eyeshadows! Purple, green, blue, ALL THE COLOURS!

I thought I would included this as well. If you don't follow me on instagram please do! I'm fluffyolkswagen. This was also posted on our Facebook page which you should go like now! Awhile back I won some Revlon products. I got quite a few nail varnishes so I said I would have to try them out. They're mostly all colours I wouldn't go for myself but I will at least try them and maybe, as Black Threads suggested, use them for nail art ideas!

This colour is "Dreamer" and at first I didn't like it cos I thought it looked a very grey blue but then in natural light it looked a better sky blue. It's lasting ages! I even showered with it and it hasn't chipped! So well done to it. I might try and put on some black polka dots for a retro look or maybe get myself a white nail varnish and draw on some clouds! So I have lots of ideas for it.

So that is all for now! Keep watching as we'll have new stuff coming soon. I have recently bought lots and lots of jewelry on Ebay that I'm waiting for and as soon as I have them all I will have a haul up! I also need new foundation and concealer and a few other things so in the future there will be something about that too.  We're very active on Facebook at the moment and Tumblr so links are below and like/follow! :)

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  2. Wow, what gorgeous products! (And I LOVE your nail colour!)

    1. Yes they're such great products! :D
      The nail colour is my favourite colour at the moment :) Definitely going to do a polka dot look with it next! :D

      Thanks for stopping bye :)

  3. Love that eyeliner, and don't worry I think your technique looks great, but I tend to smear my eyeliner on! Haha.

  4. Eyeliner is the hardest thing! I end up taking ages to apply it haha! I've been doing my eyeliner for so long now and still I can't do it like some other people! They're just like *sweep* *sweep* and have perfect lines and when I do it I'm lucky to get them similar :P One will be good and the other will be crooked! :D