Friday, August 8, 2014

Aishling's July Empties

I'm going to start with two products I've had featured in an empties post before. They are the Lee Stafford Treatment For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length and No.7's Essential Moisture Day Cream. The hair treatment is not only good if you want your hair to grow out but as a conditioner on it's own it's amazing! The moisturiser is my go to one that I've been using for years now and if you want to know more about both products head over to my June Empties post where I talk about them a bit more.

On the left we have Garnier's Eye Make-Up Remover. Now we all know I don't have great things to say about the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water which I also reviewed in my June Empties, I can't say I'm a fan and won't be purchasing it again if I can. But this Eye Make-Up Remover from them is actually a lot better. It's great at removing waterproof mascara and gets nearly every bit off. It does say non greasy but I do get some kind of residue afterwards but it doesn't matter to me cos I wash my face after anyhow. But over all I do really like this. The only thing I dislike about it is the size. It's very small and even for the price too. If it's on offer I will be purchasing again.

On the right is Aussie's Colour Mate Shampoo. Now I think way back in one of my YouTube Empties video's I talk about how I don't like Aussie and how it stops working for me after awhile. While I still believe that, buying it after not using it for so long, really showed me how great this shampoo is while it lasts. It leaves my hair so soft and less frizzy and helps slightly to keep my colour lasting a bit longer. It will soon lose its touch though and then I'll be sad.

On the left is Garnier Mineral InvisiCool 48hr Anti-Perspirant which was recommended by Kerrie in one of our Empties videos as well haha! I'm being very repetitive, sorry about that :P But this is a great deodorant! It doesn't leave any white marks and even in this crazy heat we've gotten in Ireland lately it lasts so long, even to the next day! Top marks from me!

On the right is Vichy Normaderm Toner which I wish wasn't here but unfortunately silly Steve left it in a bag with the top open and most of it spilled out! We have a little left but I thought I'd include it in this empties anyhow. It's a great toner and you can really feel it working and tightening without drying the hell out of your face.


That's all this months empties! Sorry about the repeat products but I thought I'd include them again in case you guys missed my last empties or haven't seen any of our YouTube videos!

More posts coming soon! Until then, let me know what you've used up recently! :D


  1. I feel so bad - I've had a Lee Stafford hair treatment in my room for no joke, about 6 months and still haven't touched it.. I really want to but I never get around to it. I've heard so many good things about it though so I can't wait to finally start using it. I must set a reminder on my phone :') x

  2. You got to use that stuff it really is great and you only need a little :)

    @ash I have an over flowing bucket of empties! I think i'll make a video tomorrow! :O


  3. Haha! Well you should definitely set that reminder cos it's so good! Your hair will thank you after :P

  4. I was thinking of making an empties video to but then realised I didn't really have enough and some I had mentioned before! You should definitely make yours though! I wanna see it nao! :P

  5. I bought that Lee Stafford treatment and gave up on it after only using it a couple of times- will definitely give it another go, I'd say it's one of those ones you need to stick with! Also, apologies, I thought i was already following you, don't know how I missed that! :)

  6. Do give it another go! I just used it today after bleaching my roots and it's left my hair nice and soft! :) Aww it's ok haha! :D