Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Pudding

As promised here is my Christmas Pudding in pictures!

The recipe I used is from the Stork Christmas booklet.  You can see my scribbles above! The method is not as detailed as in the original as I didn't have the space plus I'm pretty familiar with it so just need the reminder.  I don't know if anyone else could follow my recipes in that journal!
You can see the recipe in full here

 My trusty Mason Cash mixing bowl. I <3 my pink mixing bowl!

 The ingredients ready to be weighed, measured and grated! Missing are the Blackrock stout (though I'd normally use Guinness Foreign) and Jameson bottles!

Lovely fruity dry mix.

 The liquid; eggs, stout and whiskey

 I have my expert mixer on standby!

 If you have a helper it saves your arms from getting too sore!

Give it a good mix, and leave over night.  Then divide into bowls, I used pyrex pudding bowls and steam or bake from 8 hours!
I'll put up pictures of the result at Christmas :)


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