Monday, November 5, 2012

OOTD: Autumn

T-Shirt: Every Time I Die
Check Shirt: Littlewoods (Its a lot more red than in the photo they have 
but I really love it I think I will be buying another!)
Jeans: So Fabulous, Littlewoods
Boots: Doc Marten, China Blue Shoes Dublin

White Tiger Ears: Dublin Zoo

Bracelet: Made from Volcanic rock,
Gift from my Mammy when she was on holiday somewhere years ago.
Ring: Ring from Brack that my boyfriend gave me.
Nail Varnish: Bourjois Paris, 1Seconde. I can't find the name but its number 9 and its a lovely dark purple that has slightly light purple shimmer through it.

Bird Claw Necklace: 
Wooden Cross Earrings:

Kerrie's Owl Hat: Pennies/Primark

Jump she said, it will look good she said. I look like I'm on an invisible broomstick! Haha! :D

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