Friday, January 3, 2014

Aishling's December in Review & Happy New Year!

To start the new year off I decided I'd do a month in review of December to say goodbye to 2013! I would do a year in review like some other bloggers but that's a lot of effort and I'm lazy :P

To start it off all the instagram photos I took in December!

I got some new lipstick so why not take lots of photos of myself (with Steve and puppy Merle making an appearance!). The lipstick is by Rimmel and right now I cannot think of the name but as soon as I find out I'll put it in here. I'm also wearing my new Dinosaur earrings that my Aunty got me and they're so amazing!

Click for a better view of the above photos!
The first one is of those awesome Dinosaur earrings I was talking about. The second is some awesome toy dinosaurs my boyfriend gave me on the eve of my birthday. The third (and this you have to see up close so click for full view damn it!) is my amazing awesome birthday cake that Kerrie made me. It was a PiƱata cake of awesomeness! It was amazing. Super super amazing. The fourth is a candle Kerrie got me for my birthday, its from Bath & Body Works and smells fantastic! Pumpkin Pecan Waffles! Oh my. I actually want to eat it. And lastly an amazing little bat purse/bag that Steve got me! Isn't it just amazing?! And so cute. Just perfect!

Me, Steve, Merle and Bailey went on a little walk around Legan to see some of the awesome lights! There is a Christmas tree in the middle of the village and it actually looks super nice. Up another road some people put lights all along the sails of their boat! Best idea ever! It looked amazing! :D

Steve got me that amazing brooch. Some super cute bags I got for Christmas! Top one is from my mother and the bottom one is a makeup bag from Steve. Then the most amazing Christmas card my parents got me! Quint! Drawn by PJ McQuade on Etsy. I will definitely, in future, be buying lots of his artwork!

Steve was super happy with all the awesome presents I got him :P 
Then he wasn't super happy about getting his photo taken hehe!

Steve in his very festive Fucking Hostile Christmas jumper and underneath with his Texas Chainsaw Massacre t-shirt. Oh and his Friday the 13th pendant.

Kerrie got me a wig! Hahahaha! :D It actually looks pretty amazing and makes me miss having hair :P

Why not end the month with creepy and weird photos of yourself? I do love these though. I was messing with the filters on my iPhone's camera and the setting Noir makes my eyes look possessed or very demonic anyhow and then with the other two photos I used my jelly lens that I got for my phone and need to use more of!


movies I've watched this month (that I remember):
Star Wars Original Trilogy - Down through the years I've seen bits of Star Wars but never sat down and watched them all because honestly I wasn't that interested. I'm a huge fan of movies and Star Wars is always something that is mentioned by movie buffs and has an incredible nerd following. So anyhow me and Steve decided to watch the original films and I want to say "something" about it but the films just left me feeling meh. I wanted to like them, to love them even like so many people do but really they're ok films but nothing fantastic. In my opinion. I'm quite disappointed! Should I have seen them when I was a kid or something? Oh well!

Elysium - I loooove District 9 so was very excited about Neill Blomkamp's next film. It stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley (I would watch him in anything and I mean anything.) and is about Earth getting over populated and the rich go off into a big space ship where they have a great life and then Matt needs to get up there and stuff happens :P Tis really good and I enjoyed it a lot.

World War Z - This got some very mixed reviews when it came out but I have to say I really enjoyed it. It wasn't terrible but wasn't mind blowing either. But then after looking up about the differences compared to the book I see why people got angry with it. It is NOTHING like the book. It is a completely different story so if you've read the book you really need to look at this film as something else just with the same name. I still think its pretty decent though and would recommended it. Oh another thing is, if you haven't seen the trailer DO NOT WATCH IT because it pretty much shows every single good thing that happens in it. I have no idea why films do that.

Man of Steel - Meh. It was ok. I really just think I'm not a fan of Superman. I also do not understand why it needs to be made so many times. Just like Spiderman. But it's an ok film and the guy would plays Superman is pretty good and kind of looks like Christopher Reeves which I liked. I did feel like there was no point to Lois Lane though. Michael Shannon though!

Wreak it Ralph - I saw this in the cinema when it first came out and watched it again just at the end of the month. I love it so much! It has to be one of my all time favourite animated movies.

The Wolverine - I had low expectations for this movie but ended up really liking it. I love Wolverine and all the X-Men films but the spin off Wolverine ones just don't seem to be as brilliant as the X-Men ones. This one comes close but it just gets too over the top in parts. But overall it was pretty good and be sure to wait till the end for the awesome ending clip.

Tangled -Another animated movie I saw ages ago and loved and still love and its so lovely and awesome and go watch it.

Pacific Rim - I saw Pacific Rim with Steve in IMAX 3D and it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. We watched it again this month and even though it wasn't in IMAX 3D it really is an amazing film about robots battling monsters and has a snazzy Ron Perlman, Charlie Day, a kickass Japanese woman, what more could you want?!

The Guard - Black comedy at its best. I've always liked Brendan Gleeson but this is by far his best performance I've ever seen. Its hard to explain what this movie is about because of its humour. It's one you just have to watch for yourself. Also, Mark Strong. Just saying.


tv shows I've watched this month (that I remember):
Bob's Burgers - Bob's Burgers is an animated tv show about a family that run a burger restaurant. This has been pretty much the only tv show we've been watching. This show grew on me real fast. I love it so much! It is just so funny and weird. It has the oddest humour but so good. When I catch up on this season, I'll be very sad.


music I've been listening to:
Rather than list some out here is a YouTube playlist of some songs and artists I've been loving over the month of December. It's quite a mix! Hope you enjoy! :)


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and beginning of the New Year! Be back soon with a Lush review so keep watching!

Thanks for reading :) 

PS. My boyfriend runs his own blog where he reviews music and movies (maybe more in future). He is ridiculously good at writing reviews, well with just writing in general and he just recently put up an End of Year Awards: Movie Edition and if you know what's good for you, you'll go read it :P

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  1. Happy New year. Looks like you had a wonderful festive season. I LOVE that wig on you.