Friday, April 25, 2014

Kerrie & Aishling's Spring Time Tag

Kerry from Kerry's Nerdy Habitat tagged us in the Spring Time Tag! Thanks so much Kerry! We decided to both do the tag so Kerrie's answers will be in fuchsia and my answers will be in green! :D

1.  What’s your favourite nail colour for Spring?
I'm loving Barry M's Spring Green for around spring time and summer! 
I'm also going for Barry M in the shade guava it's my first BM polish and I really like it.
Barry M's Spring Green and Guava.

2.  Best drink for Spring?
I only drink two things which is water and diet coke! I need to start drinking more water so I think I'll go with that! :P
I'll go with West Coast Cooler Rose with ice - if we're talking alcoholic!

3.  What goes on your lips in Spring?
I haven't been wearing a lot of lipsticks or balms because my lips do be so dry but I would love to start wearing Rimmel's Mayfair Red Lady a bit more along with Revlon ColourBurst lip butter in Sweet Tart which is a lovely pink shade and super moisterising. 
Blistex! I have a few new lipsticks in Pink shades the one I'm most liking right now is the Modelco party proof in Peony and gloss in Rosie.
Left: Rimmel Mayfair Red Lady, Right: Blistex, Modelco Party Proof in Peony and Modelco Gloss in Rosie.

4.  What’s your favourite thing about Spring?
Kind of stealing Kerry's answer here but definitely the little baby animals! I saw some cute baby animals in a pet shop not long ago! Super cute! :D
The weather getting better, the longer days and all the new life be it spring flowers or baby lambs :)
Lambs & Goat taken by Aishling and lovely yellow flower taken by Kerrie :)

5.  Best perfume for Spring?
While I'm certainly not a fan of Nicki Minaj I do love her Minajesty perfume which I've been wearing a lot!
Can I just say - Ash I had no idea you have a Nicki Mingy perfume :O I wanna smell that.... Anyway I like Illamasqua Freak for all seasons! 
Nicki Minaj Minajesty & Illamasqua Freak

6.  What TV series are you watching the most at the moment?
Spring time means lots of tv shows are ending, returning and beginning! Back recently is Game of Thrones which straight away has lots going on. Me and Steve are moving on to the second season of Hannibal which is fastly becoming one of my all time favourites, we watched the first episode of the new Fargo tv series and started a comedy called Broad City! Both of which I'm loving! Community just ended but we're still loving, as always, Modern Family, Parks and Rec, Bob's Burgers and Agents of Shield! I've probably forgot about some but as you can tell we love our tv shows! :D
I started watching New Worlds on Channel 4 and it's actually quite good so I'll stick with that.  I also started watching Game of Thrones, I'm only 2 episodes in so far and I'm not crazy about it but interested enough to keep watching, but what is up with all the nudiness! My god :P
Fargo, Broad City & Hannibal

7.  Do you wear a different colour eye shadow in Spring?
I loooove my brightly coloured eye shadows but at the moment I'm stuck wearing a lot of neutrals which is odd for me so now in Spring and Summer I will be happy to move back to all the colours! Blues, greens, yellows, purples, you name it I want it on my eyes! I just recently bought Wet n' Wild's Poster Child Eyeshadow Palette which I can't wait to try! I'm also loving coloured mascara which I hope to get my hands on some soon!
Not as a rule - but I did buy two new eyeshadows and they are both pink which is quite Springy! so yes I think I do!  Like Ash says I wanna put all the colours on my eyes right now!
Wet N' Wild Poster Child Eyeshadow Palette & L'oreal Infalliable Eyeshadows in Sweet Strawberry & Forever Pink.
8.  Do you change your hair for the changing season?
My hair has changed several times over the last while. At the moment it is short (pixie short) and bleached blonde. I'm trying to get it as white as possible and then I'm dying it a light lavender before dying it green or blue! 
Again not consciously because of the changing season but I did get my hair cut recently! That was more to do with wanting a change and to get the dry ends off but it is now lighter and cooler for me in the warmer weather. I haven't changed the colour though.
Aishling & Kerrie! :D

9.  What kind of music do you listen to in Spring?
I listen to all types of music all the time! But I do have some songs I love to play when the weather is nice and sunny, like recently! I think we will do a blog post soon on spring/summer songs :)
I was thinking at the weekend of making a Summer playlist so I think the sunny weather influences what I choose to listen too, happy bright uplifting music is what I want.

10.  What kind of fashion items/accessories do you opt for in Spring?
I'm loving all the 90s fashion at the moment, especially the grunge side of things, chunky shoes, daisies, check shirt, denim jacket (with lots of pins and patches), leather jacket, docs, chokers, etc. But I also love some flowery dresses, pastel clothing and accessories, maybe mixed in with the grungy style. My style is very varied but at the moment it's the 90s fashion revival I'm loving! I just recently bought a denim shirt from Tescos for only €12.50 but then when it was scanned it went through for only €10! Woo! I've already bought some patches for it that I'm going to sew on! Can't wait and there will definitely be a separate blog post about it in future :)
I've broken out a couple of dresses! and I got some nice converse style shoes from penny's in a bright design.  I'm also wearing a lot of jewelry with flowers on :)

The denim jacket I got some Tescos that was reduced from €20 to €12.50 but scanned through for only €10,  Patches I've purchased so far: Lydia Deez Beetlejuice Patch, Ghost World Frilly Heart Patch, Ghost World "Everyone's Too Stupid" and Enid Coleslaw Patch all by AboveNostalgiaBite Me Bat Patch.
Patches I will be purchasing: Lumpy Space Princess Patch Set, The X Files I Want To Believe Patch and an amazing Glenn Danzig Brooch.
Awesome flowery shoes from Penneys/Primark & assorted flowery jewelry.

We tag:
Makeup Monster
EmilyNoel83 (She will never see it but maybe! :D)
and anyone who'd like to do this tag! :D

That was lots of fun! Thanks again to Kerry from Kerry's Nerdy Habitat for tagging us! :D


  1. Thanks for the tag girls! Had never heard of this one before but I'll get on this weekend :)

    Oh my god that feeling when something scans for less at the till :O Such a thrill haha! I am totally with Kerrie on the West Coast Cooler idea ;)

    What have you done to me with those patches?! So long since I put a patch or a badge on anything but that Etsy shop looks awesome! So many memories! Love the denim top you got.

    Are those converse really from Penneys? I am in love. They better still have them when I go in or I'm coming to steal yours!

    Love the post ladies :) Still laughing at Nicki Mingy!

  2. No problem! I never came across it before until we got tagged! I do likes it though! :D

    Etsy is amazing for patches! I have a whole favourite set just for patches! Here! I just bought all of the patches mentioned in this blog posts and I'm super excited! :D

    Those converse are still in Penneys, well around here anyhow! They have so many nice ones recently!

    Glad you like the post! Thanks for commenting and can't wait to see your post! :D

  3. It's a fun tag to do!

    I got those shoes in Penny's in athlone, the last size 7 on the rack <3 happy days! and they are actually really comfortable too :D
    Looking forward to reading your post!

  4. I want those Pennys shoes were they in store recently??

  5. Hey! I bought those 16th April I think so they were there then along with a few other designs - I want them ones too :P