Monday, April 28, 2014

Let's Talk Blog Challenge - Kerrie's Day In the Life

This is week one of the #letstalkblogchallenge and if you don't know what that is here's a quick explanation in the words of creator Sarah's Blog.

So this is going to be a 6 week challenge, with a different topic each week that we'll write and tweet about. The plan is to write and schedule our posts for Monday at 8pm and then tweet our posts on twitter at that time, using the hashtag #LetsTalkBlogChallenge. That way every Monday at 8pm all our posts are live and we're all online to interact and share our posts with each other. I'll be online from 8-9pm every Monday, reading and commenting on all the posts and chatting to you all, just so there is a sense of community and interaction.
The topic for this week is; Day In The Life. Aishling and I are going to share the post so you'll get to see a day in the life x 2! I (Kerrie) will be up first!  Hope you enjoy a little snap shot into our lives.

Week 1 Lets Talk Blog Challenge; Day In The Life of Kerrie.

I started my day out in the usual way, got up and had breakfast! No photos of this excitement as it was only after that I decided today would be the day in the life!  I had a couple of major tasks for today, first was to get out and do some shopping.  It was a beautiful sunny day out
Above L-R my potatoes and onions are beginging to grow!  The birdies having a good feed, <3 my pansies.  Below; Some tulips grew at the entrance to our driveway!  I didn't plant them but thanks to who ever did they look lovely.

Above L-R- This day of super hot temperatures deserved to be recored for posterity - 18 degrees in the sun! A snap of our drive to the shops, you can see that the blackthorn is out in flower there are white bushes everwhere this time of year!
A cool car I saw in our local village, love that house too with all the folliage.

Next for a spot of browsing!  I really liked all these clothes in heatons, who doesn't want polka dot jeans and the colourful clothes are calling to me :)

Above - What I bought in tesco, as you can see bunny slippers and huge boxes of Cornflakes are essential items in our house :D

I also went to the bog!  This is the time of year to prepare for turf cutting so we had to deal with some that didn't quite make it the year before but can be bagged and moved out of the way now.  Also I got to sit on the tractor :D  It was really lovely and sunny there, I quite like the bog, if only I didn't have to do any work!

I completely forgot to take a photo of my dinner, despite having the camera ready beside me!  Later that night we watched the first 4 episodes of Breaking Bad, and oh my that is an awesome show! Then it was to bed, hope you liked this and I'll leave you with a short video :)


  1. You and your pictures of floral things will be the death of me! Love those polka dot jeans :O You'll have me trying to buy a tractor next haha! :D

  2. Muhahah! If I had my way that tractor would be covered in flowers and polka dots :D

  3. Aw what a brilliant post, you literally did a day in the life (including pictures of your shopping and everything) that's brilliant. I even watched the video at the end. Something so peaceful and tranquil about being out in the bog. I used to go as a kid with my grandad so that brought back loads of memories. Thanks so much for taking part in my challenge. Can't wait for week 2.

  4. Yay for the potatoes and onions. I've currently got potatoes and peas going, but need to get more into the ground soon!

  5. They must be purchased!

  6. Hope they do well :) I just throw things in and cross my fingers!

  7. Thanks Sarah, glad you enjoyed it :) Week 2 has crept up so fast!