Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Monday!

I'm not going to get bogged down in "Ugh it's Monday again?" sad-face posts we see on facebook every week, nope it's gonna be a happy Monday! 

Or a Manic Monday

Or Hows about a 

So here's a bunch of Monday inspired stuff

Monday - The X-Files episode SPOILER ALERT!  ...where Mulder and Scully are stuck in a time loop situation and they die in a multitude of different ways very 'Groundhog Day'

Monday's colour - is yellow according to the Thai Solar Calender and your God of the day is Chandra!

Plough Monday
- A tradition seen in Britain where Ploughman dress up and blacken their faces after the Twelfth Night (The end of Christmas time) they drag a plough around the town and people give them money, there's also the lad with a pigs bladder on a stick... Oh yeah and the Molly dancers are gas :D You can read more about it here (look out for the straw bear!!)

Red Monday - Who doesn't like a good whip of a Monday?! In Czech Republic and Slovakia men and young boys chase and whip girls with a decorated stick on Easter Mondays.  Read what the Czech Daily Word has to say.

Monday - Is the least rainy day of the week!

The First Episode of Emmerdale Farm was transmitted on a Monday

And Finally Cocktails! - It's Mixology Monday  see Cocktail Virgin  for the info.

Enjoy your Monday,

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