Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recently Purchased: Halloween

The 2 Euro Shop (and Dealz) are selling awesome Halloween decorations this year. I bought (and my boyfriend bought me) a few things that not only will be great for halloween but I'm definitely keeping in my room year round! :D

My boyfriend modeling one of the two skull mugs we got at the 2 Euro Shop :P

A little light up ghost I got in Dealz! I don't think he was even €2. He changes colours as well and is very cute in my window :)

Some awesome temporary tattoos from the 2 Euro Shop! A Kitty on my boyfriends arm and a Bat for me. Steve's didn't last long because of the hair on his arm but mine lasted nearly 2 days. There is 48 tattoos in a pack. Cats, Bats, Pumpkins, Ghosts, Witches and Spiders!

Little badges that flash when you turn them on. I thought they'd be pretty crappy but the flash on them is so bright! 

Halloween ornament that is well worth the €2 cos its really heavy and has glitter on it.

My boyfriend surprised me with these awesome skull fairly lights that I put over my door!

I have some window sticker decorations as well but haven't got them up yet but when I do I shall take some photos! It's incredible hard not to buy all the cute and awesome Halloween decorations for so cheap! Especially if you're like me and will use them year round ;)

All photos taken from my Instagram. Follow me here!

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