Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ModCloth Pick - Winter Coats

I've been browsing ModCloth and here are my favourite Winter coats.

Cocoa Shavings Coat by Ryu
I love the colour, the cut and look at the swirls! Alas tt's $134.99 :( Maybe Santa will bring it to me?!

Far Off Village Coat by Jack by BB Dakota

It looks so snuggly and comfy.  I love the pattern and the buckles, it's got a hood and it's cheaper than the previous offering but only slightly @ $92.99

Trick or Treat Tweed Coat by Pink Martini
In the picture it just looks brown but if you go to the site and zoom in you can see the lovely Autumnal colours woven through the fabric of this coat.  It's really old fashioned looking and that's what I love about it. Yours for $174.99

Noticed Every Day Coat by Yumi
This 60's style coat is one I'd love for Christmas, it's sooooo pretty and sleek.  I love the cute little bow detail on the pockets. This is $149.99

It's All Happening by Mink Pink

Surely inspired by Penny Lane in Almost Famous oh man this coat, if only I had a time machine and a tour bus.. Or a time machine tourbus? hmmmmmmm........ It has PURPLE LINING FOR GODS SAKE!  $134.99 for a piece of 70's hippy awesomeness.

Off to the Ballet Coat by Tracey Reese
They say 70's inspired I say Beatles Inspired. It reminds me of the Sgt. Peppers outfits if a little more refined and luxurious. This is 'Coming Soon' according to the site and it's very pricey $367.99 but very worth it, I'd imagine it's something you'd have for a long time.  The rich colours, brocading and velvet trim are beautiful.

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