Saturday, August 17, 2013

Etsy Finds: Breaking Bad

In honor of the last series of Breaking Bad which started last week (another episode tomorrow night! Eeeep!) I'm doing an Etsy Finds post just about BB.

If you haven't seen Breaking Bad, shame on you! Its one of the best tv shows out there.

Enjoy :)

I love these brooches with all my heart. ALL OF MY HEART. My favourite of all the things I'm about to show. If I don't buy them for myself they will certainly be on my Birthday/Christmas list. *hint hint* Also that Etsy shop has the most amazing brooches you will ever see. I have the Enid from Ghost World brooch and it was so cheap in price and the quality is amazing. Really really worth it.

Even though it's missing his awesome wrinkles *sigh* I still love this laser cut acrylic necklace!

I kind of wish one was Walter and the other was Jesse. Still I love these! 

I haven't forgotten about Jesse! You can also get a tshirt with Walter White on it. Badly want both of those tshirts! 

Jesse badges that represent him very well.

Fly has to be one of my all time favourite episodes of a tv series and definitely one of the best bottle episodes. So good!

These earrings are just too cute! :D

Yeah Bitch! Once you've seen the show, you'll never stop saying this! :D

Etsy has some amazing Breaking Bad accessories and clothes so be sure to search for some yourself! Although I searched and couldn't find anything of Skyler White. A lot of people hate her but she's one of my favourite lady characters out there. So as I couldn't find anything on Etsy instead you can thank tumblr for this! :D
If this was a brooch/pin/necklace/art print I would totally be getting it! :D

Later bitches!

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