Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish (Kate Moss Collection) Review

Sorry for being away for so long and no posts but I have been busy moving house!  Now I'm back to normal I have been trialing the Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail Polish Kate Moss Collection - quite a mouthfull!

I happened to win all 10 shades in the Kate Moss collection so it was a great opportunity to try and review!

This post is going to be picture heavy, I want to you have a look at the shades and how they looked on my nails, I'll comment in further detail on how I found them, as they claim a gel like finish, chip resistant and last up to 10 days!

Here we go...

There are 10 shades in the collection all name after a style of music it seems; New Romantic is a pale pink, think a french manicure shade.  Soul Session is a nude beige. Hip Hop is a coral red I would say. Disco Fever is a grape purple. Reggae Splash is a peachy orange. Punk Rock is charcoal grey. Rhythm & blues is a dark navy blue. Jazz Funk is a blush pink. Brit Pop is a turquoise blue.  Finally Rock n Roll is a true red.

You get a decent amount of product and they cost approx €6.49 each.  They claim to contain Lycra to prevent chipping...

Here is how each shade looked after one application;

Hip Hop

 Soul Session

 Jazz Funk

 Punk Rock

 Brit Pop

 Disco Fever

 Reggae Splash

Rhythm & Blues

New Romantic

Rock N Roll

First impressions - The dark shades give a way better pay off on first application, notably Rock N Roll - one coat give an opaque finish! Punk Rock is similar and Jazz Funk could be applied in one coat and give a good finish.  Reggae Splash and New Romantic fail here, very wishy washy with one coat. Rhythm N Blues needs another but I kinda like the stained glass look of one coat of this great navy blue.

 Here is now they looked after 2 coats

And the stronger colours after 2 coats

I think 2 coats give a great finish to all the colours except Reggae Splash!  I don't know what it is about it but it will not look good on my nails after 2 coats, even 3 leaves me with streaks and tbh I don't like the colour but that's just personal preference.

From the selection my outright favourite is Rhythm and Blues, I think it is a fabulous colour, with high shine and looks different in various light.  One bad point however - I found it chips like mad! Some of the polishes I have worn for over 10 days but this chipped after only a few hours. I will try it again with a better topper and see if that helps.  

Speaking of lasting power!  Soul Sessions is the winner for me, it lasted 12 days on my nails - no chipping! I did have a base and top coat and 2 coats of the polish its self.  Its a fabulous nude colour and I really like it.  Rock N Roll the red shade is perfect for anyone looking for a good red polish, it goes on like a dream and as I say opaque in one coat! I also think the Disco Fever is beautiful - this lasted quite a while on my toes :D

Overall these do give a high shine finish, and if you take care to do things correctly you will get a 'Salon' look, just don't expect it to last forever!

Point of Note

The brush is large, I think some people will probably hate that it's thick and wide, I found it good, I like to paint in 3 strokes and it worked well for me.  Beware however the consistency of the polish is quite thick and you will have a lot of product on the brush.  You can see the difference between OPI brush and Rimmel below.  I found the shape of the cap nice to hold also.

 Top Tips

  • Give the bottle a good shake before applying
  • Wear a base coat, some of the shade are staining to the nail and surrounding skin (damn you britpop!)
  • Wipe excess of the sides of the brush, or you'll end up globbing and blobbing :P
  • Wear a good top coat, despite the 'lycra' and 10 days claim, they are not chip proof!

Thanks for reading and I will be back soon!

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