Saturday, August 24, 2013

Etsy Finds: The X-Files

The X Files is one of my all time favourite tv shows. I was super young when it first came out but my sister was obsessed so I blame her addiction for mine now! I do remember watching some episodes (No matter how many times I watch Squeeze it is still terrifying along with Host) that scarred me for life! :D

Steve and I are currently re-watching the series from the beginning so in honour of one of my favourite tv shows here are some awesome accessories relating to The X-Files that I found on Etsy! (I do have an X Files treasury list on Etsy here that I took some of these items from but I'm not including any sold items! So if you'd like to see some awesome sold out X Files items go check it out and cry because you can't get them anymore! :P) 

For your denim jacket, bag, jeans, etc. Every true X-Files fan needs one of those! :D

Who doesn't want an awesome spacey X Files hair bow to show off their love of the show?! (I'm so good with rhymes :P)

Sticking with the "I Want To Believe" theme, here are some great earrings. Do search around for those because I think different shops are selling them and you might get them cheaper.

There are lots of wonderful X Files necklaces on Etsy so do search around but those are some of my favourites!

How cute are those?! 

Everyone needs a glitter pin of Mulder. 

We can't forget about other great characters in the show. Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man (Season 4 Episode 7) is one of my all time favourite episodes of X Files and of any show.

I actually want to cry because I love this so much! But it's €19.19 and shipping is over €5!!!! WHY U SO EXPENSIVE FOR SCRABBLE TILES? OMG but isn't it awesome?! I NEED IT. D':

And lastly some X-Files related items!

Vintage Alien Head Earrings (I actually own a pair of these are they're excellent!)

Glow In The Dark Alien Earrings (I own a pair of these as well! They're also sold in a good few shops so search around for cheapest when buying!)

There is so many great X Files accessories (and clothes) on Etsy so that is why I have included so many picks! But I hope you enjoyed! 

Thanks for looking :)

(Don't forget you can see past Etsy Finds here and also my Breaking Bad Etsy Finds!)

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