Sunday, August 25, 2013

OOTD: Killer Wolf

I keep meaning to do more outfit of the day posts. Hopefully this will get me back into the swing of things.

I have new hair!!! Yay! I think I will do a separate hair post (I bet you can't wait) sometime soon cos it has changed quite a bit. I have both sides shaved and only just got it cut shorter to get rid of some black dry dead hair. In the pictures you can actually see my natural hair at the roots and the rest of the black left. I'm not too sure I'm fond of the shorter hair but today I didn't hate it so much. I think I just need to get used to it.

 Shirt: Littlewoods Ireland
Top: New Look Online
Jeans: Littlewoods Ireland, So Fabulous
Runners/Trainers: Littlewoods Ireland, DC mens (a good few years ago.)

Little "oh" man brooch: €1 from a charity shop! Isn't he just so cute?! I thought it was weird and unusual so I had to have it.
Enid from Ghost World Wooden Brooch: kateslittlestore I have mentioned her Etsy shop lots so far and it is the best! Her stuff is so brilliant. I want to buy it all! :D

 I got new foundation. Revlon Colourstay in Ivory. I'm wasn't too impressed at first but now I might have changed my mind! I will talk about it some more in a video or blog post in future.

I included these two shots because in the first one you can see the awesome purple eyeshadow I was wearing and also because you can see my evil eye necklace! Which Steve didn't do a great job of photographing in previous photos :P

He told me to put my foot up on the fence and look all cool and stuff so I suppose I better add this photo. With hearts of course :D


  1. I have GOT to start using brooches as collar decorations! That's genius. :)

  2. Gorgeous outfit! Love your tartan shirt, I need to get one so bad. Also, that Enid Coleslaw brooch is beautiful, all her etrsy stuff is amazing, might have to make a purchase soon. I'd like to hear your opinion on colourstay, I keep almost buying it.

  3. It works very well! Just be careful if you have a bag with straps that goes around you! I had to keep checking to make sure they didn't fall off! :P

  4. I love tartan or plaid shirts! Can never find one without white in it though? But then I suppose it wouldn't be tartan or plaid LOL! :D

    Her Etsy stuff is the best! Also such good quality! I wish I could buy everything in her shop!

    I will have something up about Colourstay soon and will let you know when its up! :D