Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Catrice Haul!

I was on Facebook recently and saw a post from Maguire Hair and Beauty announcing that all their Catrice stock was reduced to €1!  I took my opportunity and here's my haul of goodies :)

(note I'm not keeping ALL of this for myself, I'm sending some to the USA more on this another time :P)

All the things! Polish in 30 Lilactric, Brow Filler, Lippies, and Plum Up the Jam shadow

Catrice Long lasting Eyepencils - 070 Blue Berrymore, 030 Gold Shatterhand, Kohl Kajal 130 Greentings From...

 Closer look

Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen 010 Blackest Black

 I got these concealer testers thrown in (I've sanatised them!)

 Made to stay Highlighter in 020 Eye Want!

 Defining Blush 030 Love & Peach

 Defining Blush 020 Rose Royce

 Shadows - Top 3; L - 370 Don't Lie Lac, Middle - 640 Don't Touch my Mossarati, R- 570 Plum Up the Jam
Middle Shadow 570 Lilac Del Ray
Bottom 3; L - 570 Plum Up the Jam, Middle- Fancy a Coppa Tea, R- I like to Mauve it.

 Liquid Metals L-R - Gold Leaf Me, M- Petrol Pan, R - Mauves Like Jagger

 Lipsticks - L to R; Ultimate Shine 030 Rose N Gun, Ultimate Colour 290 Sweet Coraline, Ultimate Shine 240 And The Oscar Goes To

Another Shot of ALL THE THINGS! You can see I got a few lipstick testers (sealed never used) pencils etc - they will be going to a new home so no swatches of those!

Reviews and swatches will follow! Thanks for reading and let me know if you've hauled anything recently?!

Bye for now, 


  1. What a fricking deal! I really like the Ultimate Shine lipstick things so that was a good choice :)

    I have the concealer palette for months now, but just never think to use it! Let me know how it goes and I might give it a go! That Dry Shampoo you asked me about was not too bad by the way! I have to use a fair bit of it, but it's cheap so I don't mind and works far better than Batiste for me.

    Those liquid metals look so cool! Will have to go look for some.

    Was sad I didn't get to meet you last month but maybe another time! xx

  2. BlatherandBeautyJune 17, 2014 at 8:58 PM

    Wow! You got loads!! I swatched those liquid metal eyeshadows, I must buy a few as the colours are fab!

  3. Oh i bought that dry shampoo a while back for 2.50 or something in a local chemist and yep it's crappy! I got the green tea i think it is - it smells nice and works a little but not as well as i want.

    Lovin the liquid metals!

    Me too - hopefully there will be another time and we can has the meet ups!