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Let's Talk Blog Challenge - Aishling's Recommend To A Friend

**Sorry this is so late but I've been very unwell over the last few days! I still wanted to make sure and post it though :) I really enjoyed the whole challenge and have found some great new blogs! Thanks so much Sarah for creating it! :D**

So it's week 6 of the #LetsTalkBlogChallenge and if you don't know what that is here's a quick explanation in the words of creator  Sarah's Blog.

So this is going to be a 6 week challenge, with a different topic each week that we'll write and tweet about. The plan is to write and schedule our posts for Monday at 8pm and then tweet our posts on twitter at that time, using the hashtag #LetsTalkBlogChallenge. That way every Monday at 8pm all our posts are live and we're all online to interact and share our posts with each other. I'll be online from 8-9pm every Monday, reading and commenting on all the posts and chatting to you all, just so there is a sense of community and interaction.

The topic for this week is; Recommend To A Friend! This is the last topic of the challenge and we have to recommend things to a friend. It can be our favourite beauty products, shop, location...anything we wish and as many things as we like. We also have to recommend our favourite post from another blogger who has taken part in the challenge, just to share the love and show support for another blogger!

Well to begin with I will say that my favourite post by far was Stephanie's Birthday Box about her trip to Brussels! Such an interesting and in depth post about her trip to Brussels! It's so good and I loved reading it and it filled me with wanderlust! :) And another favourite that comes to mind is Coveted Mess's Festival Survival Guide! :D

Now on to the other recommendations!

Make Up Recommendations

Essence All About Paradise eyeshadows: These are so cheap and such lovely shimmery colours :)
NYC Liquid Eyeline: This is one of my all time favourites! So cheap, super long lasting and easy to apply!
Vichy Dermablend Corrective Cream Stick: This is amazing at covering redness and any blemishes you have. I wouldn't recommend for under the eyes but anywhere else it has amazing coverage without looking or feeling cakey.
Eyeko Mascara: I've been using this mascara for a long time now and it is so nice and lasts all day without ending up under or around your eyes.
Models Own "Flip Flop" & Barry M "Green Berry": Such nice colours that I highly recommend! :D

Accessories, Worst Put Together Set Ever

Please excuse this terrible put together set!

Totoro Wallet/Purse & Totoro Bag: Without a doubt those are both one of the best purchases I've ever made! Love them both, got them for great prices on eBay and they're both excellent quality! I've also gotten lots of compliments on the bag especially! :D

Alien Earrings from Etsy: These earrings are all over Etsy so do be sure to find the best priced ones! Some sell them way too expensive. They also glow in the dark! Amazing! :D

Ear Cuffs: I bought these ear cuffs from Regal Rose but I don't think they're available anymore. You can find lots of cuffs everywhere now though so get googling! These have amazing staying power! I have hit them and dragged my bag strap over them but they refuse to come off my ear! Don't worry though, they're super comfortable and easy to put on and remove.

Breaking Bad "RV" Brooch: This seller on Etsy is amazing! I have an Enid from Ghost World brooch from her and it is amazing quality! Her whole shop is just fantastic and once you see it you'll want everything from it! :D

Green Vans: I have my green Vans for awhile now but didn't wear them a lot till now. They're so comfortable for such flat and light shoes! Highly recommend :)

Manic Panic Electric Lizard: I just recently dyed my hair this amazing green! I think I will do a review post on this in the future so stay tuned but I'd really remember this if you want to go green :D

The Way Way Back - The Way Way Back is about a teenager who goes on vacation with his mother, her not so nice boyfriend and her boyfriend's daughter. Having a hard time with trying to fit in with his family he meets and makes friends with Sam Rockwell's character. Written and directed by Jim Rash (The Dean from Community and also in the photo above on the right) and Nat Faxon (He stars in it too) it is funny, sad and even though it sounds familiar, like all other indie teen movies, it's very original. Sam Rockwell steals the show btw.

Silver Linings Playbook - This was a film I avoided for a long time because I honestly didn't think it would be any good. I don't like lovey dovey films which I was sure this one was. While yes, it is a romantic comedy I do think it's one of the better ones. Bradley Cooper plays a former teacher who had a breakdown and is now living with his parents after leaving a mental institution. He then meets Jennifer Lawrence's character who has just as many problems as him. I don't want to say too much about it because it will spoil it but it's funny, sad and shows that everyone has their problems. Also Chris Tucker is in this! Much better performance than in his Rush Hour films :P

Awesome fan poster!

X-Men: Days of Future Past - I'm pretty sure everyone knows about X-Men. I'm not even going to try and explain what happens in this one haha! But it's so good, explains itself well and has great performances from all! Highly recommend! I can't wait for the next one already :)


And that is all recommendation from me! I hope you enjoyed and if you'd like to see previous Lets Talk Blog Challenge please click here! Again thanks so much to Sarah! I had so much fun doing the challenges every week and I hope she does another one soon! :D

Thanks for reading :)

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