Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kerrie's September Favourites

Hi there, Kerrie here with my September favourites.  Here is a quick run down of my favourite things and stuff I've enjoyed through the month.  You can watch my YouTube Video below to hear a little more.  Hope you enjoy!

First up is my new favourite skin care product, the 'Jill Stuart Japan Makeup Cleansing Oil' I have it in the 50ml version.  I bought this as I had read so many blog posts and mentions of people using an oil for taking off the makeup, and so I ended up buying this, I have no idea if it was a recommendation or maybe I just like the bottle! (tis very pretty!) It's a lovely consistency, not too thick but a little more viscous than water.  I just shake a few drops out onto my hand - I love that it has a sprinkler and not just an open top.  Then I rub that all over ma face! and it just melts the make up off, even tough mascara.  Wash with warm water and you're good to go.  
I bought this from Ebay shop AlphaBeauty however it's no longer listed there, however you can buy the full size if you search ebay.  

Real Techniques Buffing Brush - I think everyone and their mother has hear of the these brushes at this stage and I must say I love mine.  I have the core collection and the eye set.  My favourite face brush is the buffing brush.  I used it to buff in concealer and foundation.  It's a great brush, easy to wash and really good value. You can buy these in Boots in Ireland and UK or see their website

Real Techinques Brow Brush - Again this is from my eye brush set.  I had been using my Avon brush, which was labeled an eyeliner brush for my brows for some time and loved it.  However I managed to wreck it (long story) and had to use something else.  I wasn't too keen on the RT Brush at first because it was so much thicker than my old fave. However I've gotten to really enjoy it.  It's a lot thicker and that helps me to have more control, it just works really well.  As before go to Boots or their website

Mac 217 - I wanted one of these for so long and then my BF bough me one for Christmas!  This is awesome as a blending brush, if you only have one blending brush make it this!  I seem to use it every time I do my eyes. So far irreplaceable, I wish I had a few more ;) See here for more details.

Bronze Deer Pendant - I bought this for myself from ebay (if you search bronze deer pendant you might find a similar one) and I love it! especially for autumn winter it goes nicely with the colours and outfits i'm wearing. 

Owl Pendant (gift) - This was a birthday gift from Aishling, like the Deer pendant i've been loving this along side my owl ring!

Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Butter - This is a deliciously buttery, spicy treat for your skin.  It was a Christmas special afaik, and I happened to win it last year, I wish i could remember who from and give them a shout out but I can't sorry!.  I had used a little but got turned off the smell, but recently I have been trying up use up extra products I have sitting around before purchasing new stuff and I began to use this again and I really see it in a new light!  It moisturises so well, as my skin can be quite dry. I can react to some scents but this has been fine for my skin and the scent lasts so long.  I can't wait to try more of the Body Shops' body butters!  

Hilary Mantel Bring Up the Bodies- My favourite book of recent times was Wolf Hall and I've thoroughly enjoyed this follow up this month. I actually finished it last night 'SOB' ! I recommend it, a well written page turner, just and enjoyable read and not too taxing.   You can find it on Amazon.

ELF Nail Polish in Royal Purple - Again a hidden jem in my collection since last year.  I wanted to apply something seasonal to my nails and saw this and now I'm wondering why I didn't use this before! it's a georgous shade, I'd say a purple/magenta.  Find it on ELF website

Bag/back pack from Pennys/Primark - LOVE this bag, everything fits into it bar the kitchen sink and it goes on my back.  Need I say more!

Blistex Relief Cream - Holy grail/couldn't live without product.  Great when your lips are in bits or just as a base for lipsticks.  I'd recommend this to everyone. I buy this in my local boots but you may need to ask for it as sometimes it's not on the shelf! Find more info on it here.

Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Toner - As I changed up my moisturiser and face scrub I noticed i was getting break outs of spots and but it down to the pores opening and closing therefore cream was blocking them up.  I started using this toner and it has eliminiated the problem.  It's a lovely toner, no stinging or harshness and it's smells lovely of roses.   This is my bottle but i see on it now comes in a 'spritz' bottle.

Little Hotties Wax Melts from Bomb Cosmetics - Love these instead of candles at the moment, they are little wax tarts that you melt in a burner and they will make your room smell awesome!  Find them

PHEW, that's all for now.  Please like, subscribe, share and all that stuff and bye for now!


  1. Love every single one of your picks!

  2. Where the flip have yous been hiding, I love coming across other Irish bloggers

  3. Haha! Glad another Irish blogger found us! :D

    We've been around for awhile but only just getting into a routine!

    Hope you enjoy our blog! :D

  4. Yay you found our rock! Trying to get out from under it :D thanks for reading!