Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nail Art: Halloween Slime

Hi guys! I really wanted to put up some more Halloween related blog posts over the last while but could just never get around to it. But I thought I would post this quick Halloween related nail art I did the other day. I done these on Monday and they've lasted me until now. Only some very slight chipping. I don't have the greatest nails and I'm not the best at nail art (even something as simple as this) but I liked out it turned out.

I used Collection 2000 Black and Barry M's Spring Green for the green slime. I applied a good blob of green to the tops of my nails and then used a bobby pin to move down the green like slime oozing down! The brush applicator for Spring Green is actually quite small and I found out you can pretty much make the oozing with it so you don't need a bobby pin after all!

When it was all finished I let it dry. The drying process is the worst part of it all. It takes ages. It was a good 2 hours before I went to bed and still in the morning it got all smudged. But I applied another top coat of OPI's Top Coat and it evened it out brilliantly and got rid of the smudging and ridges.

I will definitely be trying this again! I might also try and do some eyeballs! I've seen them around and love it!
Will you be trying any spoopy Halloween nails for this year? Let me know!

Hope you enjoyed!

I hope to have some photos up tomorrow or the next day of my Halloween decorations around my house and I should also be carving those pumpkins you can see in the photos! :D So keep watching!


  1. They look so creepy and cute. Love it.

  2. I'm definitely going to practice the slime and wear it more often! I have shower and washed my hairs several times and it has still survived! Yay! :D

  3. LOVE these! They're really fab, I prefer these colours than white and red I've seen in other nail art posts! I'd wear these all year round myself haha! xx

    Gemma //

  4. Thank you! I have to try the white and red ones as well but I do like green so that's why I done them this way hehe! I would like to try with a white base maybe and the green slime?! The green might stand out more then! :D

    Thanks for stopping by :)