Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shop My Stash!

Hi hope you're having a good day.  If you are anything like me you probably have a ton of beauty products purchased because you 'needed' them at the time, only to find them idling at the back of the drawer after their 15 minute of fame aka "ugh not sure I like that to the back of draw with you!".  

So with the aim of using all this 'crap' I have accumulated and try to make it work.  I decided to 'Shop my Stash',  if you're not familiar with this concept basically it means you 'shop' through your own stash of products and choose those that you don't often use or haven't seen light of day since you took them home! You never know you might save some money and find some new favourites you never knew you had, or a new way of using a product you though you didn't like. 

My finished face!

I selected a concealer I've never tried since purchasing! That's the Rimmel Clear complexion pictured below, along with a Chit Chat Highlighting Concealer, I bought that in Dealz but totally forgot I had it!.  On my faces I used - Avon MagiX cashmere finish foundation in Ivory.  I had stopped using the Avon foundation as I found it clung to the dry patches.  I mixed it with Estee Lauder Double Wear, this is a sample size I've only tried once or twice, it has great coverage but is a little too dark for me, it mixed well with the pinkish tone of the avon fondation.  I used 2 essence products that were rolling around, one is the shimmer and shade highlighter and the other is vintage district blush.

Next I picked through the multitude of eye liners, shadows, pigments, dusts, mascaras etc.  I chose my usual HD Brows palette as I have nothing to replace that!  My elf eyelid primer that I always forget to use.  An Essence eyeshadow trio.  A rimmel kohl liner.  Essence liquid liner.  Urban Decay 24/7 liner.  Two Frontcover purple/blue shimmer and glitter pigments. A primark eye dust in Pink.  And Rimmel Volume Accelerator mascara.

For the lips I picked a Pink lippie I got in a Glossybox some time ago and an essence XXXL lipgloss in a purple shade. 

Overall I was quite happy with how the foundation turned out, the Avon mixed will and applied a lot better for me, lasting all day and not turning patchy.  The Rimmel concealer I don't like, it's too thick and doesn't blend at all well, it's looks dry and needed a lot of work to make it look just ok.  The chit chat/dealz concealer works great as a highlight under the eye/browbone I do like that one.  The shimmer and shade is workable but not my favourite, I have trouble making it look good on the skin.  I quite like the vintage district blush but I find it lacks pigmentation.  

The eyes were the real 'discovery' products here!  I am really getting to like the elf lid primer, it does make the colours cling and 'pop' that bit more.  The middle shade in the trio, was a revelation, it looks silver but actually is a fab silver/blue colour and looked stunning as a base for the front cover shades which are hightly pigmented. You will get fall out from these but they are shimmery and glittery so I expected as much.  I used my mac 217 to blend a little of the pink into the crease and man it is a bright colour - a little goes a long way! 

I need to remember to use my urban decay pencils much more - they are soooooooooo long lasting and the colour is awesome.  The rimmel kohl pencil I don't love, though it is creamy and glides on easily, it tended to clump and gather at the corners of my eyes after a couple of hours, not a good look!  

The essence liner is good, it has a lovely small brush.  However as I haven't used liquid liner in ages I did have trouble with application and I'm not happy with that but that's down to me rather that the product.  It is very long lasting.  However it dries kinda tight feeling and I don't like that on my eyes.  Finally the mascara is good but a little too clumpy for my small lashes and the brush is not my favourite kind.

Here's another pic of the final face - I was going for 'Purple Galaxy Eyes'

I must say that Glossybox lippie was really nice and creamy!  a light pink shade with a small amount of the puple gloss over top, the gloss looks glittery in the tube but I didn't find it was gritty or uncomfortable on the lips. 

I am going to do this again as I have lots of stuff to rediscover in my collection.  Thanks for reading and bye for now!


  1. Your eye shadow looks so beautiful. Love the colours.

  2. Thank you! They are probably my favourite shades :)