Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Month in Instagram Photos - October

I've seen these done on other blogs which are usually "My Week in Instagram Photos" but I decided to do the last month in photos! My Instagram is fluffyvolkswagen and feel free to follow me!

I'll start with Merle! All of the silly photos I've taken of him over the last month.
  • 1. Wrapped up like a taco! 
  • 2. Impersonating Frank Zappa
  • 3. The evil eye he is always give me! 
  • 4. This photo is actually a video still but I left it in here because I really like it as a photo! 
  • 5. More evil eying. 
  • 6. Both of them giving me evil eyes! I do love Merle in this one though haha!
  • 7. He has the silliest face!
  • 8. I made it even sillier hehe! :D
  • 9. I love the colours of him in this one and..
  • 10. ... this one!
  • 11. Showing off his teefs!
  • 12. He doesn't want me too get too close haha! :D
  • 13. He looks at me like that pretty much all the time :P
  • 14. He looks like a person sometimes!
  • 15. "Keep away from me human!"
  • 16. We gave him a nice rawhide bone to chew on because he pretty much chews up every. single. toy. we get him!

Now on to everything else!

  • 1. Halloween ice cubes! Bats and a ghost! (If you can make it out :P)
  • 2 & 3. At the end of September I shaved all my hair off! Takes some getting use to but I really like it!
  • 4. Church and Graveyard in Ardagh, Co. Longford
  • 5. Pretty trees in Ardagh, Co. Longford
  • 6. Bat and Vampire ginger cookies and Ghost Cupcakes!!! Nom nom!
  • 7. Steve the Bearded Witch :D
  • 8. I couldn't stop laughing at this wonky eyes in this photo (Click for full view)
  • 9. We got a little solar dancing skeleton! Unfortunately he is very noisy so we couldn't keep him in the car! So he's in the kitchen window now!
  • 10. Putting up Halloween decorations and this was the only photo Steve would let me take until everyone has seen the decorations themselves! We are having some friends over for Halloween! I will be sure to put the photos up as soon as I can take them yay!
  • 11. Steve looks like a bold child! 
  • 12. Merle out in the Autumn leaves! He looks so pretty!
  • 13. Dancing Steve! (Click for full view!)
  • 14. Steve got me an awesome Nightmare Before Christmas tshirt that glows in the dark! Yay!
  • 15 & 16. I love Simpsons Tapped Out and I'm loving their Halloween theme! Unfortunately I did get some bugs though! As you can see in the last photo!

That's all for now! I will be sure to put up all the Halloween photos tomorrow! I will also do more of these month or week in Instagram photos as they're a lot of fun! If you post them yourself let me know! Would love to check them out :) 

Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

Thanks for looking!

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